Online Psychic Advisor Marla Lovelane Helps Others Find Their Truth

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Even as a child, Marla Lovelane recognized that she had a powerful intuition. She decided early on that she wanted to use that gift to help others. Over the years, she honed her ability to receive energy from her surroundings by listening to the needs of others. “Throughout my life, whenever people have asked me questions, I always seem to have the answers. But my story is not about me, it’s about using my strengths to guide others.” 

Walking toward her destiny 

For as long as she can remember, Marla has enjoyed the peaceful and rejuvenating activity of walking. She often strolls around the city or through a park to recharge. “I find that walking calms me and helps to clear my mind so I can focus my attention fully on my clients.” On several of these walks, people have approached Marla, drawn to her energy. “Strangers often ask me what I do because they can feel my energy and want to connect with me. Knowing that others sense my abilities confirms that this is something I am meant to do.”

Marla became an advisor at 14 years ago and, since then, she has spoken with countless individuals seeking love and relationship advice, life advice, and spiritual healing. “When I listen to callers, I’m able to tap into their energy and feel certain things about them—that helps me understand who they are and what they need.” 

Through her mentoring, Marla has helped many people cultivate long-lasting, healthy relationships. She has also guided individuals through the process of letting go of unhealthy or negative relationships. “No matter what the issue is that someone calls me to discuss, my goal is always to connect with each person and empower them to follow the path that is right for their life. I believe we all possess intuitive abilities within us, but we don’t always understand them. When we take the time to listen and open ourselves to receive what the universe is giving, we’re able to tap into those psychic instincts. My job is to help my callers develop that power within themselves.” 

Empowering others to follow their path

As a sun sign, Marla is soft-hearted, kind, and sympathetic, but she prides herself on her honesty. “I always listen to my clients’ needs, but I will give tough love when necessary. I always say what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, because the truth is important to me.” Marla’s genuine demeanor makes it easy for her clients to connect with her. “Establishing trust is key because I need to feel each person’s heart. I make it a priority to engage personally with everyone and follow up after each session.” She doesn’t use Tarot cards or Tarot readings, rather, she focuses on a personalized approach to advising that is evidence that she truly cares. This approach has proven to be very meaningful to her clients. “I receive so many thank you notes and have even been invited to several of my clients’ weddings. I am humbled by their appreciation and it means so much to know that I’ve touched their lives.” 

Marla believes that there is a reason for everything and that we get back what we give. “There is no such thing as a coincidence. I believe there is an invisible road mapped for our souls, and when we focus on being positive, that reflects in our lives. Expect the best and you will receive it.” That mentality is a major aspect of her life philosophy and something she addresses with many clients. “Being positive and liking who you are makes all the difference. When we listen to fear or insecurities, that’s when we limit ourselves. I often ask people what they would do with their life if they knew there was no way they could fail—your response is very telling of what you should actually be pursuing.” 

Sharing her journey and vision 

Marla is grateful for the opportunity to share her gift with thousands of people nationwide through KEEN’s services. “I truly love talking to people and I look forward to each unique relationship I develop. KEEN has given me a way to be a support system for so many. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to do what I’m good at, and it’s such an honor to help others every day.” 

As Marla continues to share her talents with others, she remains focused on what she believes is the core responsibility of those who possess intuitive abilities. “It’s not about giving ‘psychic readings,’ it’s about using our innate gifts to guide and help others. When I’m doing that, I feel like I’m better-equipping others with the resources they need to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.” 

If you’re looking for spiritual guidance to help you follow the right path in your life, advisors at, including Marla Lovelane, can help.

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