Psychic Medium Michelle: Helping People Through Shared Connections

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As a second-generation psychic medium, Michelle, known on Keen as “Psychic Medium Michelle,” was raised in a family that encouraged the exploration of the mind. “My mother was a healer and gave psychic readings, but she also had a degree in psychology and worked in counseling,” says Michelle. “So, from an early age, my twin sister and I were encouraged to explore and connect with our inner selves. Daily meditation was considered important and tuning into a higher sense of spirituality felt safe.” After receiving her first psychic reading at the age of nine, Michelle developed a voracious appetite for the metaphysical. “I was moved by how accurate the reading was, and I wanted to know more.”

Michelle believes that being a twin helped her hone her psychic skills. “My sister and I always had an unspoken language between us. That bond definitely helped me develop my abilities.” After high school, they both enlisted in the military and completed a four-year tour. Once they returned to the United States, Michelle pursued a career in law enforcement as a probation officer. “That path made complete sense to me—it’s a combination of my father’s job in law enforcement and my mother’s work in counseling.” During that time, while training for a triathlon, Michelle decided to shift paths and pursue a career as a professional cyclist. She retired from law enforcement and began racing at a pro-level while simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree in education. “All the while, I was still very interested in the metaphysical and was reading books about psychic abilities. I knew I had a heightened intuition because people have always gravitated to me for guidance. I often knew things without knowing how or why I knew them, and those glimpses into my talents finally led me to pursue formal training.”

Michelle attended a school modeled after the Berkeley Psychic Institute where she studied spiritual development, channeling, and learned to read auras. “While in that program, my abilities really started to come through and sharpen very quickly. I started to understand that the things I’d been seeing my entire life were psychic images or messages, but I’d never taken the time to give any significance to what I was sensing. It wasn’t until I started to focus in on it that it became clear. At first, I didn’t always understand exactly what was happening, but I knew it was a beautiful thing.” During one of her readings, Michelle saw a spirit and, inspired by the encounter, enrolled in a three-month long intensive program that focused on medium work. She then completed a challenging remote viewing training course with Dr. Paul. H. Smith (Major, US Army, ret.), a former member of what eventually became known as the Star Gate military remote viewing program. From there, she went on to launch her own company and began giving readings professionally. She has since been hired to do remote viewings for several missing persons cases as well as some major high-profile cases, including a search for Amelia Earhart’s downed aircraft. “I enjoy the humanitarian nature of the work. I like knowing that I’m doing something that is helping others.”

A Channel to Share Her Gifts

Five years ago, while looking to broaden her network, Michelle found Keen and was excited by the opportunity to reach more people and talk with clients from all over the world. “It’s truly amazing how alike we all are. What I’ve learned from connecting with so many unique individuals is that, no matter where we live or what culture we’re a part of, we’re all trying to grow ourselves and develop relationships with others. We all desire to feel loved, and we’re all searching to find significance in our lives. It’s beautiful to see and understand that, and I feel so honored to be able to help people navigate through whatever is it that’s blocking them from reaching their true potential.”

Michelle is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient which means that she most often receives information in a reading by seeing, hearing, and feeling. “When I do a reading, all I need is a first name. Once I hear their voice, the images, sounds, and feelings come to me quickly. I give as much information as clearly and accurately as I can, and as fast as I can. I don’t like to waste any time. Usually, whatever questions my clients come into the reading with, I’ve already answered for them before they ask.” Michelle believes that we all possess psychic abilities, but some people’s gifts are naturally stronger while others choose to practice and hone their skills. “We are all born with intuition and we all have the answers we seek within, but some of us need help pulling that intuition forward and acknowledging those instincts—that’s my job.”

Seeking Truth Together

Michelle believes that her work is a collaborative effort. “The process of getting someone to the next step on their path is a combination of me, the client, the universe, and the spirits all sharing a connection and exchanging energy. It’s truly an honor to sit in any session with any client and assist them. It touches me deeply when a client tells me that I’ve helped them—that’s why I do this.” Michelle finds it extremely rewarding to walk beside her clients on their individual journeys and guide them toward understanding. “There are no words to express how amazing it feels to see people’s lives change because they’ve been empowered to take charge of their circumstances. I’m just a vehicle, but when my words inspire someone to make a major, positive transformation and pursue a life that honors their soul—that is when I’m most grateful for my gifts.”

Michelle considers her life to be very normal and hopes to show people that we all possess psychic abilities in some form. “We all have innate instincts—it’s natural. That is our intuition. Some of us choose to open the door to it and use our skills more than others. But, anyone can learn it, it just takes practice and the motivation to stick with it.” Michelle has always wanted to help others live life to the fullest and honing her skills has enabled her to do just that. “It’s important to me that my work remains rooted in truth so that my gifts are only being used to positively impact the people I come in contact with and to inspire a universal understanding between all people.”

Psychic Medium Michelle has participated in publications, podcasts, and radio interviews talking about her psychic gifts. She is part of an extensive network of advisors on Keen who can help answer any questions you have about love or life.

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