Feng Shui Elements and Colors

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Harmonize Your Space with Feng Shui

Transforming one’s living space can become a catalyst for positive change. If you need more balance in your life, feng shui can help. This ancient Chinese art is based on the principle that you are affected by the energy that exists in your surroundings. Practicing feng shui can give you the tools that will help this energy flow properly, resulting in more clarity, joy, and purpose in your daily interactions.

Though this might be a foreign concept for some, feng shui is easy to adopt. By starting small, it also doesn’t have to break the bank. The first step is to understand the five elements of feng shui and how they work together to bring harmony to every aspect of your life – whether it be in romance, friendship, family, or career.

These elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – each possess a unique energy and can be placed in certain places to help align your environment with your personal needs and goals. Each feng shui element also has corresponding colors and must be brought into one’s space in just the right amounts. Too much of one can block the energy of another, and too little might give you a sense that something is missing.

Though all five elements are important for every being, your “lucky” element is determined based on your Chinese zodiac sign. Get a Chinese astrology reading on Keen to learn more.

The Five Chinese Elements of Feng Shui

Wood: This element affects your health, family life, and finances and is best placed on the northern part of your home. It can bring abundance, growth, and vitality. The feng shui wood element is represented by shades of green and brown. A great way to bring these colors into your home is with live plants and foliage. There are many varieties of indoor palms or lucky bamboos that are inexpensive and easy to care for. They also bring the added benefit of purifying the air. You can also design with the wood element by choosing fixtures that mimic the shapes of branches or tree trunks. Wood furniture, cotton, and other natural fabrics are also great choices.

Fire: The southern part of your home can benefit from the fire element, which helps bring romance, success, and passion into your life. It also brings recognition and achievement in terms of your career. Fire is represented by reds, yellows, and shades of orange, purple, and pink. Remember that too much fire can bring aggression or flaring tempers and not enough might lead to emotional detachment from the people in your home. Think of candles, artwork with splashes of fire colors, and bringing natural sunlight to dark spaces. Remember that the sun represents fire too.

Earth: Best placed in the southwest or northeast directions, the earth element brings stability and peace to relationships and marriage. It also boosts spiritual growth, focus, and ambition. Earth is represented by light yellows, beige, skin tones, and well as colors of sand. Because these neutral colors are used extensively in many homes (including in the color of your walls and many pieces of furniture), pay attention to balancing the monotony. Too much of earth can lead to boredom or lack of ambition, so avoid this in areas where your children spend time the most, including their bedrooms.

Metal: This element, which is helpful in bringing out creativity and attracting blessings, is best placed in the northwest or western corners of your home. Metal brings mental clarity and sharpness of mind; it is represented by white, gray and silver. Think of objects made of iron, gold, silver, or aluminum. Even your stainless-steel fridge and other appliances can affect the vibration of this element. The options are also unlimited in terms of white, which also stands for purity, clear endings, new beginnings, and bright possibilities. If you like flowers, you might consider white orchids, lilies, or hydrangeas – place them in a red vase and you’re representing fire too!

Water: This element belongs to the northern part of the house and can help with your career and life path. The right amount of water will bring wisdom and the insight to make the best decisions, while too much can make you feel like you are drowning in your emotions. Water is also thought to bring wealth or banish money problems. Colors of water can be found in deep, dark tones, shades of blue, and black. Reflective surfaces, and anything with water, also represents this element. Mirrors, aquariums, and fountains are good ways to bring water into your home.

Consider talking to a career psychic if this is an area of your life that is in need of attention and extra TLC.

It’s Time to Get Started!

Now that you know the elements and colors of feng shui, as well as where to place them, you can work on using them to shift your home’s energy. Begin with an audit of your surroundings, one room at a time. Also think about your goals and what you want kind of energy you want to bring into each area of your life.

Be on the lookout for which elements already exist and add objects that represent anything you feel is missing. Always remember to create a proper balance. A complete overhaul of your space isn’t always necessary, because you might already have what you need. By allowing the invisible influences of feng shui to permeate your home or work space, you will open the door to prosperity, peace, and harmony.

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