The Top Questions to Ask During a Psychic Medium Reading

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Life is complex. We experience many ups, downs, shifts, twists, and turns. Sometimes, when life throws a curveball at us, we are left spinning and uncertain about what lies ahead. When seeking answers to the questions that live within our souls, we have many kinds of people we can consult: therapists, counselors, gurus, psychologists, doctors, and beyond. In the realm of the esoteric and spirituality, there is a whole community of healers, mystics, and visionaries who can also provide insight: astrologers, psychics, reiki healers, Tarot readers, chakra healers, and of course, psychic mediums. Join us as we dive into the realm of psychic mediums and what kinds of questions may be good for you to bring up during a session. Here at we have some of the most accomplished professional psychic mediums in the industry. Be sure to reach out to consult with one of our talented professionals today!


What is a psychic medium reading?

First off, it is important to note that there are different kinds of intuitive or psychic readings that you can receive. Each psychic is a little bit different and often possesses different “clair” skills, whether that be clairvoyance (“clear vision”), clairaudience (“clear hearing”), clairsentience (“clear knowing”), or beyond. Psychic readings are intuitive sessions with a gifted and trained psychic. A medium, however, is an individual gifted with intuitive perception who acts as a bridge between the physical world—where we are—and the spiritual world. Mediums are most famous for being able to communicate with the deceased or our ancestors and relay messages from them, but some can even specialize in speaking to other spiritual entities such as archangels, angels, elemental spirits, ascended masters, deities, the Divine, or even demons. It is important to be upfront when inquiring about a psychic medium’s services and request to know who and what they will be tapping into.


What can a psychic medium reading tell you?

Psychic medium readings can be tremendously healing, helpful, and insightful. They can provide us wisdom on many topics, ranging from answers in regarding to the past, visions of life after death, or situations revolving around love, health, money, fertility, career, and more.


Where is the best place to get a psychic medium reading?

Each psychic medium has their own preferred mode of operation and doing business. Some of them prefer to offer readings in-person or even doing house calls to “tap into the energetic frequencies” of a home or living space. We offer incredibly accurate psychic medium readings through the accessibility of the Internet here at and are the premiere professional service to do so. However, other times people can do readings over video calls, phone calls, or even text messaging!

Here is our ultimate guide to help you brainstorm questions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your psychic medium reading!


Questions to ask a psychic medium about life

  • Am I on the right path in my life right now?
  • Is there anything I should know about the current path I am on?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What is my life mission?
  • How can I cut out distractions that are obscuring my path?
  • How can I open the roads of my life path?
  • What path will ultimately fulfill me?
  • How can I be of service on my life path?
  • Is there a better direction for me?
  • Will my present path make me happy?
  • What is my destiny?
  • How can I build the best future?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about death, the deceased, or ancestors

  • What messages are coming to me from the spiritual realm?
  • How can I be more receptive to these messages?
  • Are any specific spirits stepping forth to communicate with me?
  • Are any ancestors trying to guide me?
  • If so, who are they and what are their names?
  • What do they have to tell us about life after death?
  • Are they happy in the afterlife?
  • What is the afterlife like?
  • Are there any specific karmic lessons being passed down to me from my ancestors or bloodline?
  • Is there any karma I must break in this lifetime?
  • How can I help my ancestors heal?
  • How can my ancestors help me heal?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about past lives

  • Do I have many notable past lives?
  • Am I repeating patterns from my past lives?
  • How can I evolve from my past lives?
  • Do I appear to have future lives that you can see?
  • What do my past lives look like?
  • Who was I in my most recent past life?
  • How do I heal from my past lives?
  • Are there people in my present life that are past life connections?
  • Are there people in my present life who are soulmate connections?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about love

  • What advice do you have for me in regards to love?
  • What advice do you have for me in regards to self-love?
  • Do my ancestors or spiritual guides have insight on my love life?
  • How can I find love?
  • How can I find the healthiest and fulfilling relationships?
  • What is the path I am on leading me to?
  • Will I find true love?
  • Have I previously found true love?
  • Will someone from my past return to me?
  • Is my current relationship good for me?
  • How does my partner view me?
  • How can I be a better partner?
  • How can I heal from traumatic relationships from the past?
  • What is the path my partner and I are headed upon?
  • Will my present relationship last forever?
  • What is the best path for me to take in the pursuit of true love?
  • How many soulmates of mine can you see?
  • Is there anyone from my past I should reach out to for closure?
  • Is there anyone from my past I should reach out to for healing?
  • Is there anyone from my past I should reach out to in order to rekindle a connection?
  • What were my exes meant to teach me?
  • Do I have a twin flame?
  • What is my soulmate like?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about family

  • Am I carrying karma from my family?
  • How can I be a better person to my family?
  • Is there anything I should know about my family?
  • How can I bring more happiness to my family?
  • How can I heal challenges or hardship in my family?
  • How can I love my family more?
  • Is there anything specific my family is meant to teach me?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about friendships

  • How can I be a better friend?
  • Are there any specific friends I should know something about?
  • How do I meet new friends?
  • Are the people around me healthy for me?
  • Is there anyone around me that I should be cautious of?
  • Are any of my friends my soulmates?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about your money or career

  • Where is my career headed?
  • Am I on the right career path?
  • What is the best career path for me?
  • Will my financial situation change in the near future?
  • Are there any challenges headed to my career or finances?
  • How can I live in abundance?


Questions to ask a psychic medium about health

  • How can I be the healthiest version of me?
  • Is there anything about my physical health that I should be aware of?
  • How can I practice more compassion to myself?
  • How can I practice more mindfulness?
  • Is there anything about my mental health that I should be aware of?

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