The Walter Mercado Documentary is a Must for Your Netflix Queue

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If you’re on the website then you already have an invested interest in the spiritual world and if you’re like most people, then you probably are addicted to Netflix. Well, you need not search for your next watch because we found it for you —  Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado. The captivating 96-minute documentary (narrated by Mercado, his personal assistant, manager, and family) follows the life of the flamboyant television personality who was known for his dramatic presentation of horoscopes and other astrology-related content. But here’s the kicker: He only focused on positive traits and potential outcomes, all of which he delivered in a flashy Las Vegas-style performance kind of way, complete with makeup and extravagant costumes. 

It was when Walter Mercado was young that he first knew he had a gift, while he was living in a poor community in Puerto Rico. He got his reputation as a healer early on when a neighbor witnessed him breathe life back into a dead bird. From here on out he was known as “Walter of Miracles,” and soon the whole town was coming to him for some form of healing. 

When he became a bit older, Mercado decided to “fabricate an image of himself,” so this was the beginning of his “look” that involved dramatic makeup and costumes. He began taking dance lessons and it wasn’t long that he realized it was another passion of his. From here he went into stage and television acting, including many Telenovelas. Mercado got the attention of the Telemundo manager who always saw him dictating everyone’s horoscope on the set — and with tremendous accuracy. He was then offered a daily 15-minute stint providing horoscope readings. The Walter Mercado horoscope was something people would pause to watch every single day. 

Mercado’s stage presence and accuracy made him become a fast success with viewers, so three months later, his show was extended to a full 60-minutes in 1969; it was one of the most successful television shows in Puerto Rico. It aired into millions of Latinx and Hispanic homes in the 70s and 80s before capturing international attention in the 90s. He was featured on prominent U.S. television shows with icons such as Regis and Cathy Lee, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNN with Anderson Cooper, and even Howard Stern, among many others

Then one day it’s almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth and nobody knew where he went. Documentary filmmakers Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch located him at his home in Puerto Rico and began filming his rise and fall in fame. Mercado died in November 2019, at age 87, but he will be remembered by those who loved him as “unique, different, and a pioneer” who brought a little bit of positivity into their lives every day through the television. At least you can still capture a bit of Walter Mercado on Netflix.

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