What is a Crystal Ball Reading?

Crystal Ball with sunset

When you think about a crystal ball, what comes to mind? Perhaps some over-the-top portrayal of a gypsy with a gold cap foretelling the future as seen in the movies? While some imposter psychics may use a faux crystal ball as a cheap prop, the truth of the matter is that crystal balls have been used for thousands of years as a divination tool. 

“Seeing” into the ball is known as scrying, which means a gifted psychic has the ability to see images in crystals and then interprets them to provide helpful information that can help one make an important life decision. This could be anything pertaining to matters of the heart, career, financial outlook — anything goes. When the scrying technique is used with crystals — including a crystal ball reading —  this is what’s known as crystal gazing, or crystallomancy. Here’s a deeper overview of how this fascinating tool can aid a psychic into providing a crystal ball fortune reading. 

Fact Versus Fiction: What a Crystal Ball Reading Really Is

Here’s the thing. Crystal balls don’t actually have power and unlike the Wicked Witch of the West spying on Dorothy, they don’t display actual visuals as if you were watching television. The reality is that when a psychic falls into a trance-like state, he/she may visualize images ranging from vague to solid images or even symbols. They will then translate these images into the guidance needed to help you resolve the issue at hand. On the flip side, some psychics 

don’t believe that anything can actually be seen in a crystal ball, rather, they use it as a focal point for meditation.  

The Different Types of Crystal Balls

There are three major types of crystal balls: natural quartz, glass, and laboratory-grown crystal. It’s interesting to note that the cracks, clouds, and flaws in the natural crystal ball are what help the reader see different visions. There are also specialty crystal balls such as the rose quartz to help with the healing of emotions, smoky quartz to aid in grounding and the elimination of negative energy, and amethyst to help channel spiritual energy and interpret dreams. Malachite helps to reveal past-life connections and obsidian reveals the souls of one’s self and others. As the color suggests, yellow stones (think topaz, citrine, tiger-eye, etc.) disclose the “bright side” of a situation. 

While there’s an aura of mystique surrounding crystal balls, they really aren’t as otherworldly as people think as crystals, in general, possess an electric charge (piezoelectricity) that can be transformed into electrical signals. 

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