How to Use Tarot Cards to Improve Wellness

Tarot cards

A tarot card reading can answer almost any type of question or concern including matters of the heart, career inquiries, life path (and life purpose), conflict resolution — you name it. Oftentimes these categories are associated with specific inquiries such as moving on from a relationship, how to advance in a career or start a new business, tips for getting struck out of a rut, whether or not you should move, and more. 

While a tarot reading is a great resource to help you with larger issues that may or may not be long term, what about simply a daily session that involves tarot cards and wellness? After all, being present on a daily basis is important — especially during uncertain times. So, when you’re looking for some fast guidance to help you get through your day, here’s how tarot cards can world to your advantage. 

The Magic of a Simplistic Three Card Reading 

While there are several common spreads in tarot, the Three Card spread is one of the most simplistic. While it’s not going to provide you with the most in-depth analysis, it will give you a super general overview — think of it like a daily horoscope providing you with general advice to help you center yourself, find clarity, and launch your day. 

While a professional spiritual advisor can conduct a Three Card reading, you can also do it yourself. It’s important to note that most seasoned advisors are beyond the three-card level, which is why it’s a good idea to book a session with a pro if you want more in-depth advice. 

The Basics of a Tarot Wellness Reading 

It’s easier than you may think and you can do this exercise for more than one issue or question you have on your mind on a daily basis. Note that if you don’t know the literal meaning behind each tarot card in the deck (not uncommon!), do take time to memorize them or at the very least, research the significance behind the cards online and make sure that tab is open when you’re shuffling the cards and conducting your daily reading. 

  • Think of a specific question or a situation you’re dealing with. With the situation/question in mind, shuffle the deck and present the first three cards in the deck.
  • The first card signifies the situation at hand. So, for example, did you pull up the Devil? Sounds like there’s some temptation or deceit happening. 
  • The second card signifies the root of the problem associated with the situation. Whatever card you pull will provide you with insight. 
  • The third card represents your course of action — in other words, how you should remedy the situation. 

Beyond the Basics

A three-card spread may be the most simplistic, but unless you have intuition and other spiritual gifts, you won’t be able to provide yourself with extended insight and advice. A professional advisor can transform this basic foundation into a working plan that has the power to help you heal from the past, thrive in the present, and plan for the future. Improve your mental and physical wellness by chatting with one of our tarot talent Keen advisors today. 

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