Valentine Vibrations

valentine's vibrations

As February 14th draws near, your psychic senses may accelerate. More of us begin thinking about love and hoping to find it. The energy we give out is easy to read. It’s like a flood of complex, emotion-laden broadcasts. Interpreting all of this energy at once might overwhelm your ability to feel what is going on with you.

Overload in your sixth sense is common; as common as loud music that thwarts your concentration. There are plenty of Valentine Vibrations to choose from. Understanding them is your challenge. You can be the psychic wavelength your friends and family rely upon only if you approach your psychic sensibilities with commitment and discipline.

The first way to avoid psychic overload is to balance your social time and alone time. If you want to pick up Valentine Vibrations and clearly see your Valentine in a crowd or who the best love match for a friend might be, you should curtail the time you spend around hopeful singles. Avoid the extra signals and psychic fog. There is a lot of static hovering close to the clearest psychic visions.

Once you have established a pattern of avoiding too much psychic chatter, you should work to focus on specific desires. If you know your friend wants to get married and have children, ignore the energy you feel from a player who says all the right things and makes all the right moves. When it comes to mating, some psychic signals tell lies as smoothly as if they were the words of a serpent-tongued mouth. Trust your better judgment as well as your eyes. Pay attention to reputation too.

On the other hand, your good friend might just be looking for a good time. If you have the idea that she needs a churchgoing man to fix her nightclubbing ways, your own preconceived notions about what is good for her will work against all your psychic efforts. A psychic is not a critic. You are at your best when you hear what someone else wants and you intend for them to have it.

Once you are slightly removed from the din and clear about receiving signals instead of forming opinions, the next step is to wait until the magnet in the center of your psychic eye pulls you toward a specific location. When it comes to Valentine Vibrations, sitting still will only get you so far.

Valentine’s Day foists new couples into interesting restaurant experiences and new cinematic choices. Similarly, you need to be somewhere else, out of the norm, breaking from the usual. A seemingly random place to which you are pulled will provide visions of coming Valentines. A Valentine is, traditionally, just below a soulmate. In fact, one could assert that a Valentine is a budding soulmate, a possible life partner that is on the cusp of proving him or herself.

Pulling in the Valentine Vibrations at a random location, though, is just the first stepThis place, be it a city street or a park, a library or a store, is simply just a placeholder. It is somewhere to gather images in your mind.

When you return home, meditate. A vision is sure to come to you under these circumstances. Don’t think about the vision you have, feel it. Feelings are far more important in the psychic process once you are in this deep. Thinking too much at this juncture fogs your vision.

Perhaps you will fixate on the color of a storefront you encountered earlier in the day. A man you saw while you were out most certainly will not be the man your friend falls in love with after a Valentine date – but what he wore and what he looked like might influence the vision of a true soulmate that slowly comes into better psychic focus after this exercise.

Of course, you will have to sort out these puzzle pieces to make that vision clear. From these clues, you might see the location where your friend will meet a possible Valentine. If she is interested in soulmate material, let her know about your vision. Her head might be elsewhere but fate will take over and create an encounter for her as a total surprise.

Valentine Vibrations can be harnessed more easily than other psychic phenomena, but they happen regardless of whether they are understood ahead of time or in hindsight. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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