Fact or Fiction: There’s Only One Person In the World Meant For You

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With over 6 billion people in the world, how is it so many believe that there is only one person in the world meant for them? Is the ideal of finding a soulmate a romantic notion? A myth? Or is there something very real about the fairytale promise? conducted an online survey at the end of 2003 that overwhelmingly supports the notion that soulmates must exist. Participants were asked whether they believe in the theory of soulmates, one person in the world who is tailored for them. Seventy-five percent of the 158 respondents answered “yes.” Of the 128 women and 30 men who elaborated on why they believed in the concept of soulmates, most said they believe in a divine destiny with someone who complements them perfectly and with whom they are meant to learn from and grow alongside of in this life. Most believe God has a hand in the love equation. Of those who had not yet found the perfect match, most were holding out for their soulmates. Even the majority of those who responded “no” to the survey question said that they believe in the soul mate concept but that they think there is probably more than one person they’re suited for in this life, the notion of multiple soulmates.

The term “soulmate” by definition is someone to whom you have a natural and deep affinity, bonded in commonality and compatible in most ways. This definition leaves room for the possibility that there can be any number of good matches. For the majority, however, the term “soulmate” still holds the fairytale promise-one person in the world you were always meant to be with. It carries with it the belief in a divine destiny and the idea that fate carves the way for the two to be together.

Twin flames, twin souls and divine complements are metaphysical terms more reflective of the divine nature of the relationship. Of the three, divine complement better expresses the spiritual connection and complementary character of the relationship, two opposites who as a pair reflect a balanced union.

Fact: One Person in the World

Your divine complement is your twin soul and twin flame whom since the beginning of creation has been linked to you through a mystery – a heart-spirit connection. He or she represents that one person to whom you are most connected soul-to-soul and spirit-to-spirit, and with whom you may have an opportunity to meet and bond with at the human dimension. Your divine complement holds inborn potentials that match and complement your own and carries the key to your spiritual evolution. They are your ultimate complementary match.

Fiction: Happily-Ever-After

The romantic notion that soul mates are guaranteed a life of romantic bliss with extraordinary heights of sexual and spiritual ecstasy, and have so much in common that they will never fight, is a myth sending many to search endlessly for the perfect person. In truth, the passion sparks don’t necessarily fly in the beginning and the two are so opposite that getting along can be a challenge. Fate will present challenges that may be anything but happy experiences to test the commitment to love.

Fact: Destiny and Fate Design the Way

The majority of twin souls, divine complements, have a destiny to at least meet in this life and most are meant to build their relationship into a lasting commitment. Their union is spirit-driven. Divine complements come together by “divine design” and at the perfect time often through serendipity to begin their journey. A co-created design, a destiny plan, was set in motion just before the incarnation, spelling out what the couple promised to achieve. Just because the relationship is “meant-to-be”, doesn’t guarantee the relationship will work.

Fiction: Soulmates Think Alike and Like the Same Things

“True soulmates” are more likely to be opposites who complement each other nicely. Your twin possesses a unique intelligence with qualities that summon up your more hidden potentials, pointing you to a reflection of wholeness, the balance of masculine and feminine traits. These complementary qualities can also be blended together to form a balanced and successful partnership. It is often true that soulmates won’t see eye to eye on everything, because they grew up with different sets of values. Valuing each other will prove more important than valuing and liking the same things.

Fact: Soulmates Share a Highly Developed Sixth Sense

It is often true that soulmates pick up on each other’s psychic cues, finish each other’s sentences and communicate telepathically. They are in sync a lot of the time. It is not uncommon for a soulmate to sense it when their soulmate is distressed, picking up on negative emotional currents even at a distance or to dream more detailed information about their emotional wellbeing. The spirit-driven synergy soulmates share creates a unified field of creativity producing signs and synchronicities that flood each other’s consciousness. This is why there are usually magical and meaningful signs that authenticate the soulmate connection when soulmates meet.

Fiction: It Will Never Be the Same with Someone Else

Less than 30% of soulmates come together and commit to a long-term relationship. Therefore, there is every possibility that you can have a soulful and complementary relationship with someone else, fall in love, bond in friendship and be happy. In fact, you could be happier with someone else, a love-match who complements you in some of the same ways your soulmate does.

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