4 Vital Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love & Relationships

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When you speak to a psychic to gain insight and guidance, how you phrase your questions is incredibly important to the information you receive; asking the right questions can make a huge difference in the answer you’ll receive. Not only will asking open-ended questions give you results in yes or no answers, but you’ll find that you have more questions afterward than you did before you even started. Preparation and knowing what you want to learn are vital to your reading, so we’re here to help you learn some powerful questions to ask your psychic about love and relationships.

What Questions Should You Ask a Psychic in a Love Reading?

What should I know about my romantic life?

This question allows the psychic to open the door to see what is ahead for you. Remember: be weary of asking questions that begin with how or when, as these won’t show you the entire picture available to you.

What is my path to a happy and successful relationship? 

Remember that often people ask if or when they will get married. Again, this only provides them with a yes or no answer, or information that is too brief to do anything with. Asking in this way closes the answer and doesn’t allow for possibility of change. The future is not predetermined and your choice of path will decide the outcome. If you ask an online psychic to show you the path to a successful relationship, you will have a much more detailed answer to finding the correct way for you.

How can I truly follow my heart?

This question allows a psychic to give answers that are open-ended, so that you may choose your path instead of asking a clairvoyant to make decisions for you. Psychics are there to guide you. They cannot make decisions for you. You must make your decisions based on what is best for you. A psychic can help you find the way that is best for your personal journey.

What should I know about my partner?

When you ask this question, you need to put your fears aside and be prepared for whatever answers the psychic finds. By calming yourself and becoming receptive to the psychic reading, you will find the courage and power that is required to have a successful experience with your spirit guide. 

How can I attract my soulmate?

The guidance afforded by a psychic reader can oftentimes be extremely beneficial throughout the course of your life, and this applies to matters of future love, such as finding a soulmate that you can be happy with. Psychics are there to help and guide you and will respect your personal energy and use the knowledge they’ve gained by observing it to put you on a path that will eventually lead you to the love of your life.

What can I do to get over my breakup or divorce?

By possessing an open mind and willingness to be helped by a psychic, your chances of regaining your peace of mind after a rough breakup or divorce will significantly rise. Remain calm throughout the reading by keeping a steady breathing pattern. Do not fidget or move over much, as this will disturb and prolong the reading, taking away from the eventual advice the psychic will offer.

How can I be more attractive or approachable?

Do not feel frustrated if you desire love but cannot seem to find it, almost as if it wasn’t in the cards for you. A psychic reader will gently correct this notion by reading their own tarot cards. They are there to help guide you through problems great and small in your life while bringing you peace of mind and, ultimately, the confidence you’ll need to successfully gather more people around you.

Is my partner the only one for me?

A psychic’s advice is all well and good, but they cannot force you to walk down a path that you yourself do not want to follow. If your spiritual guide suggests that your partner is indeed the one for you, but you feel otherwise in your heart, then the decision would ultimately be yours. Psychics do not take control away from you; they simply guide you along the path that they have seen is the best one for you.

What negative things am I holding onto from previous relationships?

Your healthy, personal development is a psychic’s number one goal when they perform a reading, and that includes examining all the negative aspects and memories gathered in your life to eliminate as many of them as possible. Spiritual guides are familiar with expunging negative emotions in relationships and will attempt to guide you through your experiences in a safe environment conducive to your mental well-being and a general feeling of calmness. It may be difficult at first to open up to your psychic, but the benefits of doing so will become more and more present as the reading progresses until, in the end, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to positively embrace a new relationship.

What Questions to Ask Couples?


How can I attract the right person into my life? 

This is one of the top psychic questions to ask a psychic, although you can ask questions such as this, don’t ask if someone is the one. Psychics cannot read another person without him or her being present. They can guide you so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, but they cannot tell you the will of another. That is why the question, “How can I attract?” is better received by psychics for offering good advice. Psychics can read you and, based on your reading, tell you the best way to attract your future.

Why is my marriage suffering?

Allowing a psychic to tune into your energies can be a difficult thing to allow, but it is absolutely crucial in order for this question to come back with positive results. Additionally, for this psychic question to work, both you and your significant other must be present during the reading, as the psychic can not tap into just your energy alone to find the answer you seek.

How do I know if I’m in a twin flame relationship?

If you experience the sensation when meeting with someone of sharing two bodies, you may be in a spiritual twin flame relationship. A spiritual relationship such as this requires a spirit guide to confirm that what you’re sensing is the truth. Bring along your twin soul and ask the psychic to perform a reading that involves both of you. Readings such as these are common for psychics, and many have seen similar situations before.

Will I get back together with my ex?

Spirit guides are trained to manifest your honest desires through tuning in to your unique energy, and simply need a direction in which to start helping you come to your own realizations about the question you asked. When asking if you are ever going to get back together with an old love, the answer, at least for the asker, is obvious. The honest desire to return to a previously happy relationship has manifested itself through the question itself. However, is it reciprocal? To honestly provide insight into this question, your psychic will need both you and your ex to be in the same reading to determine if your energies are still compatible.

What can I do to be a better partner?

Psychic readings have the ability to give you invaluable insight into many different aspects of your life that you can then use to better your time on the planet. The knowledge gained from asking what you can do to be a better partner is most often sound and is equal parts physical and spiritual, as love between two people cannot exist without harmony between these two aspects.

What meaning does my relationship have?

While psychics can help you discover aspects of your life that you perhaps were not aware of before, they cannot offer a detailed outline of what you need to do or, in this case, the exact meaning your relationship may or may not possess. They will, however, tune into your energy to see the general scope of your relationship and enough broad clues that you, with your intimate knowledge of the situation, can most likely use to figure out the true meaning of your relationship all on your own.

What should I know about my partner?

When you ask this question, you need to put your fears aside and be prepared for whatever answers the psychic finds. By calming yourself and becoming receptive to the psychic reading, you will find the courage and power that is required to have a successful experience with your spiritual expert. 

Why Questions About Love?

Love is timeless. Everyone has experienced this deep emotion in one form or another during their lives, so it’s not surprising that many people want to know more about this feeling. The need to know if someone still harbors feelings for another oftentimes outweighs more pressing concerns, like financial or health concerns. The spiritual power of love is a tremendous thing, and reverberates through each reading like a taut string, even if the participant didn’t ask about it.

When you’re looking for real insight, speaking to a psychic and receiving a reading can provide you with very powerful information about how you can fulfill your desires and dreams. Make sure to ask questions in a way that will give you the most information to make a positive difference in your decision-making.

Are you prepared with your questions? Call a Keen Psychic now for a powerful reading that delves deep into the most important love & relationships in your life.

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