What Is Clairaudience and How Can I Develop This Psychic Ability?

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Sheree was afraid when we began the reading.

“I’m not sure, but I think I might be going crazy,” she said. “I hear sounds that no one else does, especially music. And I talk to myself all the time.”

After some investigation, I congratulated Sheree on her growing clairaudient skills.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear beyond the “normal” range, the literal meaning being “clear-hearing.” It comes in a variety of forms, and can indeed make you feel “crazy” if you aren’t aware of what is happening. It is also a way that intuition and guidance can make themselves known to you.

Seven Signs You’re Clairaudient

Clairaudience is one of the easiest psychic abilities to develop, and is quite common—though most people don’t realize they have this skill! Below are seven signs that clairaudience may be one of your dominant psychic skills:

1. You hear sounds that others can’t. This can be as simple as hearing your name when no one is around, or hearing the words of your spirit guides, music, bells, or tones. I have one client who hears animals, specifically dogs. She can hear dogs barking when there are none around. Sometimes you may hear loud cracks or other noises coming from the astral realm, though they are not usually unpleasant. The astral plane contains a lot of beings, activity, and energy that often bleeds through to the clairaudient person. This was a phenomena that really bothered me early in my development, but it’s quite common.

2. You talk to yourself often. This is wisdom coming from you that your clairaudience is picking up on. If you pay attention, you will find that there is a “wise voice” that comes from some other part of yourself. This is guidance! Obviously, that critical voice we all hear at times is not coming from your higher self. If you aren’t sure, pay attention to the next time you have an internal monologue. Is it really one-sided, or are you accessing a calm, neutral voice, too?

3. Did you talk to “imaginary friends” as a child? This is very common in children, and typically that imaginary friend is a guide or guardian spirit. I had a dog companion as a child that I spoke to, and also was very aware of a spirit guide. If you communicated aloud or telepathically with your unseen friends, you were accessing clairaudience. Many of my clients actually heard their (un)imaginary friends. Unfortunately, this tends to fade as children are told repeatedly that this kind of experience is childish or even bad.

4. Do you crave peace and quiet? Though desire for solitude is billed as just an introvert quality, it is also the sign of a sensitive soul that needs to have quiet in order to hear its own wisdom. I have several clients who hear the voices of their guides in their head quite clearly, but have to be in a meditative space to do so. Unless in emergencies when the situation demands your wisdom, those other-world voices can often be drowned out in noisy, daily life.

5. Are you musically sensitive or gifted? Often clairaudient people are very sensitive to music, and can hear music in their head, play music easily by ear, or find a deep soul connection to music. This is beyond just liking music; there is an ability to get inside or “inhabit” music that not everyone experiences easily, just as the great composers surely had.

6. Do you regularly hear ringing, high-pitched, or other unusual noises? If there is no medical reason for hearing noises (or voices), then this can also be spirit companions making themselves known. Some spiritual traditions talk about different planes of existence having different noises, like buzzing, bells, or tinkling. I hear these kind of noises all the time.

7. Can you communicate telepathically? Clairaudience can be experienced as telepathy with humans, plants, or animals. Do you get impressions from your animals about what they need? Do you think your dog is going to sit somewhere and he sits exactly where you thought? Perhaps you have a close friend or family member with whom you have a connection that allows you to know what the other is thinking. This is also a form of clairaudience.

Developing Clairaudience

Clairaudience is associated with the fifth chakra, so any exercises to open and strengthen this chakra will help you with this psychic ability. Singing or toning is a great way to do both. Practice making sounds that are both loud and soft, high and low. Experiment with making tones that are almost inaudible.

Meditating is a must to develop any psychic ability. You can try meditation with music, and focus on singling out a specific instrument from the whole. Classical or new age music works best for this exercise, though I have one young client who does this with the jam sections of Grateful Dead songs. This teaches you to hear discrete sounds among a whole.

Another game to play while meditating is to focus on the sounds you hear in a quiet space. See if you can hold each one separately, and then all at once. Play with hearing what is present in the silences. At first, this may seem impossible, but as you persist, you will begin to expand your range of hearing, which is all any psychic ability is—an expansion of what has become the “normal” sense perception range.

A favorite of my clients is to ask for messages from their spirit guides or higher self. They ask to receive an auditory message. These may be received in a conversation, song lyric, or image that comes through a piece of music.

Is Clairaudience Ever Dangerous?

Like Sheree, clients may be frightened by their newly developing psychic skills. If you are worried about your clairaudience – for example, if you hear voices that are critical, harmful, or violent, or if you have a constant ringing in your ears – be sure to speak to a health professional. Always use your common sense.

Hearing gunshots, people in pain, or other scary noises are not uncommon, especially if you are in places where battles took place or other violence occurred. However, you can ask for the ability to stop. We are at free will with our psychic ability and can opt to shut down our skills.

Typically, people experience clairaudience as interesting, useful, and fun. Don’t be afraid to develop your skills—frightening experiences don’t happen often. If you do have questions and would like to ask a psychic, advisors on Keen are here to help!

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