What Is Clairsentience? Feeling Vibrations and the Art of Clear Feeling

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You may be familiar with psychic abilities like intuition, but what is clairsentience? Well, have you ever given a friend a hug and felt like you “took on” their energy? Do you ever feel like you’re too sensitive, picking up on everyone else’s emotions? Or maybe you’ve had the sensation of someone touching your arm when you were alone or felt your pet jump up on the bed, only to look and see that they aren’t there! 

If this sounds like you, you may be clairsentient — it’s one of the copious psychic powers that the spiritually gifted possess. Clairsentience means “clear feeling,” and it describes someone who receives intuitive or psychic information through their tactile sense and emotions. Now that you know the clairsentient meaning, here’s how to tell if you’re clairsentient so that you can go on and develop your gift.

Am I Clairsentient? Here are the Signs 

Clairsentience comes in many forms and is also quite common. In fact, many of my clients routinely complain of sensing things others don’t, yet they don’t think they have this psychic ability! Here are some signs that you may possess clairsentience:

  • You pick up vibrations from people, places, or objects. You’ve probably had the experience of feeling a “bad vibe” from a person or place. This can happen with people or locations that aren’t obviously scary, or even look nice, but still feel dangerous in some way. Maybe you see a lovely-looking house on your street corner and you don’t know why, but there’s a voice ringing in your ear, saying, “Go away quickly!”   

Physical objects will carry their previous owner’s vibrations with them, and if you’re clairsentient, you’ll be able to sense them. Whether it’s the good vibe from a cherished christening dress handed down through your family or the unaccountable sadness you feel when wearing your grandmother’s jewelry or even just clothes from a thrift store, if these objects create feelings, pay attention!

  • You take on the energy of other people. I have several clients who can’t deal with concerts, sports events, or even a state fair. The sheer mass of humanity, with all those emotions and energies, can make them feel fatigued, panicky, or depressed. You take on the energy of those around you, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Although these traits are often labeled as being “over-sensitive,” they also indicate that you need the proper energetic boundaries to reign in your clairsentient abilities. 
  • You feel physical sensations for no apparent reason. If you frequently feel like someone is touching you, you may be experiencing a guide, or simply stray astral energy. I have a client who often feels like she’s brushing through a soft, leafy forest. When we did a reading to explore this sensation, we discovered that she’s feeling the energetic beings that cohabit our planet. Another client feels her dog Saffy, who passed away years ago. She feels Saffy on the bed, bumping her leg, or even licking her hand. These sensations indicate your ability to feel what others can’t and receive psychic information.  

How to Develop Your Clairsentience Gift

Developing clairsentience isn’t quite as straightforward as cultivating clairaudience or clairvoyance. Learning to pay attention and removing yourself from too many stimuli are the most effective things you can do to recognize this psychic ability. 

  • Take time to notice your mood swings or unaccountable changes of feeling. Who were you just with? Where were you? Pay attention to how crowded places make you feel. Practice asking questions of your intuition and see how responses come to you. And listen to how you speak. If you often talk about feeling “into” something, or feeling the “vibe” of a person or thing, recognize that your own language is pointing out your psychic ability.
  • Try reading objects. One fun exercise to try with a friend is psychometry — reading the energy of objects. Hold an object that belongs to your friend that they know well. It can be something like a watch, a piece of jewelry, or any object that has some significance to them. While you hold your object, have your friend time you for 30 seconds. After the time has elapsed, relate any impressions you received from the object to your friend. Then switch roles and let them try. After that, lower the time to 15 seconds and use another object. The less time you have to censor what you feel, the more accurate you will be!

Clairsentience in Daily Life and Creating Energetic Boundaries

A client named Mira came to me for healing sessions. She was sure that she had entities in her energy field because she was always experiencing emotions that she felt didn’t belong to her. When I looked at her field, I didn’t see any beings, though there were some tears in her aura that would allow other energy to leak through. I repaired the tears, but I also suspected that she was clairsentient. 

Paying Attention: She had always been able to feel these apparently random but disturbing feelings. I asked her to start paying attention to who or what she was around when she got these sensations. She was able to realize that the emotional downloads weren’t random but always occurred around certain people and situations. By paying attention, she was able to use simple techniques to create energetic boundaries in order to protect herself. 

Healing Techniques: Many schools of energy healings teach methods of creating a sealed aura. I use a simple technique of visualizing my aura as complete and whole. I ask for psychic protection from my guides and the Universe, and I request that only love may enter my field, and that any negative influences attached to me leave my space. This can include others’ emotions or pain.

Like all psychic abilities, there are ways in which clairsentience is useful and enjoyable and ways in which it is not. But with enough practice, healing, and aura work, clairsentience can be a beautiful psychic ability to be celebrated throughout your lifetime. If you are curious about experiences that you think might be related to clairsentience, or want assistance creating energetic boundaries, reach out to a healer or advisor on Keen for guidance.

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