Pat58: Psychic Readings Help You Create Your Own Fate

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Many people think that psychic readings are only used for finding out what will happen in their future. Would you be surprised to learn that many readings aren’t predictions of events that are set in stone? In fact, according to Patricia (Pat58), an Advisor on Keen, the purpose of a reading is to gain the guidance and support you need to achieve your best life. “We all have free will,” she says, “and while I may see something in the cards, I can show you how to access your inner power and create your own fate.” 

An Innate Passion for Helping Others 

When Patricia was three, her grandmother passed away, and that same day, she saw her spirit. While that was Patricia’s first encounter with her psychic abilities, it certainly wasn’t her last. As she got older, her parents encouraged Patricia to use her talents, and her mother even helped to strengthen her intuition by challenging her to various mind exercises. At the age of 19, Patricia took a tarot reading class and began developing her card reading abilities. 

While Patricia has always enjoyed giving readings, her passion for helping people originally led her to pursue a career as a teacher. However, in 2012, she discovered Keen and was excited by the opportunity to use the platform to reach a much larger network. It was clear to her that this was her calling to seek a new path and help others in a different way. She immediately signed up as an advisor and has been providing guidance and support to her clients ever since. 

Taking Control of Your Destiny 

With a very acute intuition, Patricia can tune into someone’s energy within two to three seconds. However, it’s important that clients remain relaxed, open, and honest in order to get the most accurate answers. “I always remind my clients not to be nervous—we are here to have fun and make positive changes,” she notes. It’s also best if people focus on the situation they’re asking about rather than the outcome they want, or the answers can get muddled. This is because, frequently, the “solutions that are best for us are not the ones we’re concentrating on or hoping for. My goal is to help clients see that there are alternative options. If I can show them how to look at a situation from a different perspective, I can guide them on their best path and show them how to take control of their circumstances.” 

As a goal-oriented person, Patricia makes it a point to help her clients recognize their desires and develop a plan to achieve them. “If you can envision it and are willing to work for your dreams, then believe in yourself because you can achieve whatever you set your mind to,” insists Patricia. “Never giving up is truly the key.” Patricia uses her abilities to cultivate inner strength and independence within her clients. “We all feel stuck and need some support at one point or another—and that’s what I’m here for. But it’s also important to remember that we can never rely on anyone else to make us happy—we have to go out and make our own life.” 

Aligning Each Choice with Our Ultimate Goal 

Patricia’s belief is that everyone possesses a spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual aspect to their existence. “By synthesizing all of these components, we can achieve oneness with our higher self,” explains Patricia. While advising, her approach is to combine psychology and spirituality to help people identify their best course of action to achieve their ideal life. “We all have control over our destiny and that is determined by the choices we make.”

If you need help finding the right path to achieve your goals, you can reach out to Pat58 or any of our other advisors on Keen.

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