Crystals for Manifesting

crystals for manifesting

What we think about is what we attract. That’s why it is especially important to think positive thoughts and speak them into existence. An abundance mindset will attract exactly that into your life and a huge part of this is welcoming change as a catalyst for growth. When we perceive changes in our world as exciting opportunities to expand, we allow space for our dreams to materialize. With no resistance, no attachment, and no judgment, the law of attraction can flow through us to bring us our desires at lightning speed.

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Whether you are manifesting the love of your life, financial abundance, or a killer job, crystals can be powerful allies in actualizing your dreams. Below is a guide to the best crystals for manifesting in various areas of your life.

Best Crystals for Manifesting: Clearing Out Blockages

The first step to manifesting your dreams is learning how to get out of your way. The following crystals have powerful protective properties that help ward off negative energy, including our own. 


Garnet Crystal

This powerful crystal helps with your overall health and physical well-being. It restores energy and vitality and encourages you to be more positive about your life. When you are positive, you can manifest your heart’s desires. 

Its rich, warm glow will make you feel connected to yourself and supported. Carry this stone if you struggle with self-doubt and negative thinking. 


A powerful stone of protection, obsidian will help you let go of limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. It ushers in change for your highest good.

Obsidian protects you and keeps you out of harm’s way. It can help neutralize your energy which is especially beneficial if you tend to be very reactionary toward situations you deem negative. With a more balanced approach, your manifestation skills will improve.


Hematite is another protective stone that wards off negative energy. If you have been struggling to get out of your head, this is the perfect stone for you. Hematite is excellent for overthinkers – it will help you calm your mind, think more rationally, and connect with your body. 

Carry this stone if you are an anxious person or if changes make you uncomfortable. Hematite will help you tap into your manifestation abilities.


Amethyst awakens and aligns the third-eye chakra and strengthens your intuition. It will help you connect with your purpose as you become more self-aware and spiritually connected. 

Carry amethyst on you to strengthen your intuition so you can manifest the best outcomes for you.

Crystals for Manifesting Love

Trying to call in your soulmate? Use these crystals for attracting love, letting go of the past, and healing old wounds. 


Heal your emotional wounds and step into your power with the compassionate energy of rhodonite. This crystal will help you overcome inner conflict and connect with your heart center to attract love into your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and self-love. Its nurturing, harmonious energy encourages self-care and being kinder to oneself. If you are going through a breakup, rose quartz can offer healing energy.

Not only this, rose quartz is a powerful crystal for manifesting love. It can help you tap into your heart’s desires and determine what you look for in love. Wear rose quartz to attract a new lover in your life or strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


Malachite is an excellent stone for letting go and manifesting love – a great stone for those going through a breakup or emotional upheaval in their relationships.

This vibrant green stone helps open and cleanse the heart chakra, allowing you to tap into unconditional love and raise your intuition. Malachite can help you identify past patterns and attract better outcomes in the future for your love life.

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Crystals for Manifesting Money

Attract money into the palm of your hand with these powerful crystals for manifesting wealth and success in your work life.


Often called, “the artist’s stone”, carnelian is excellent for getting your creativity flowing. If you have been experiencing creative blocks, carnelian can inspire you.

This stone can also awaken hidden talents and amplify ambition. Feeling unmotivated? Carnelian will instill excitement and joy back into your life. Carry this crystal if you work in the creative field as it can help manifest success and wealth.


Citrine is one of the best crystals for manifesting abundance and prosperity. Its beautiful orange color reminds us to be joyful about life. When we are happy, we can manifest bigger and better.

Harness your personal power with citrine. Carry it with you if you are thinking about starting a new business or have your first day at a new job. This crystal attracts good fortune and wards away negative energy. Citrine will help you attain your dreams and draw wealth to you.


Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold” is a very powerful crystal for manifesting wealth, abundance, and everything.

This heavy gold stone does exactly as It appears to – attracts gold to you. Use pyrite if you are trying to attract more wealth to you.

Air on the side of caution with this stone. It can manifest your energies quickly so be sure to keep your thoughts and feelings positive when working with pyrite.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone of courage and protection. It will help you align your solar plexus chakra so that you can be bold enough to chase your dreams and draw in wealth. 

If you are a little unsure of yourself or sometimes feel other people get opportunities over you, the tiger eye stone can gently push you to be more assertive and self-assured by releasing any fears and anxiety you may have. You are powerful. You are worthy.

Golden Topaz

Golden topaz will help amplify your intentions. Use this crystal to fulfill your dreams and attract more financial success. Give your creativity a boost and get inspired by the gentle healing properties of golden topaz.

Green Aventurine

Looking for ways to make more money? Green aventurine will help you align with more opportunities in business and finance. This stone is excellent for job interviews and first days in a new position. 

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How to Use Crystals for Manifestation

If you’re not sure what to do with your crystals, here are a few ways you can use them to enhance your manifestation skills:

  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Keep them under your pillow at night
  • Keep them beside you on a windowsill under direct moonlight. This will also recharge them
  • Hold them in the palm of your hand and place them before you while you meditate
  • Take a crystal bath with them
  • Lie down and place them over your corresponding chakras while you meditate

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