What Does the 3 of Spades Mean in Cartomancy?

3 of spades meaning in cartomancy

3 of Spades and Cartomancy

Cartomancy is a divination game in which we use playing cards and interpret their meaning. It is similar to that of tarot, however, tarot uses pictures and illustrations to express the energy of the card, whereas cartomancy just uses the playing card itself. Cartomancy divides the deck into suites of numbers and elements, which depicts the energy of each card.

In cartomancy, spades are the equivalent swords and the elements of air. Therefore, it is safe to say that spades represent direct and concise communication. It is the manifestation of air in its purest form. This meaning that it can be a little bit harsh and in your face at times.

In numerology, the number 3 symbolizes communication. It is the foundation of language and all that we used to express ourselves. It also can depict a person or situation who is constantly busy and unable to see things outside of their world. It brings a playful, magnetic, and all-around positive vibe. However, its meaning changes when paired with the spade suit.

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Meaning of the 3 of Spades

The 3 of spades correlates to the 3 of swords in the tarot deck, which is associated with Saturn in Libra according to astrology. The time has come to make a commitment and decision, which we may not like the outcome of. We may be left feeling heartbroken.

When we see the number 3 in readings and other forms of divination, it often represents a third-party. This could mean that there is a cheating situation going on, someone giving advice behind the scenes was interfering with a relationship, or a dynamic that is triangular in some respect. It is a caution to the querent that there is someone pulling strings whom they may not be aware of. Therefore, they should take a step back and assess the situation from all sides in order to figure out who is the puppet master controlling the strings.

More so than not, in cartomancy, this card relates to infidelity and a relationship ending on bad terms. Instead of fighting to make the relationship work, you shouldn’t have to argue for affection. Yes, you will experience a major heartbreak and pain in the current time. But, as time moves on you will begin to feel a lot better about the situation and yourself.

More About the 3 of Spades in Cartomancy

Three is always a crowd — no matter how you look at the group dynamic. There is some sort of clandestine situation going on between two members of the party. Keep an eye out for what you see here, as the proof and facts may be right in front of you the whole time. Two people may be talking about you behind your back, causing stress to occur between the interpersonal relationship you share with another member of the group.

Words can hurt when this card is present. Instead of arguing your points, it’s important to allow yourself to choose your words wisely. Even if you are heartbroken and sad, there is no reason to take your emotions out on other people. It’s important that you realize your part in the situation — as well as apologize to those who have hurt.

This card can also show self doubt and the need to believe in oneself. It’s important to have faith in all that you do, in order to attain greatness that you deserve. Don’t let yourself stand in the way of creating the life that you want. Look at yourself in the mirror and allow yourself to embrace the amazing person that you are instead of having a defeatist personality, choose positivity and confidence. Then, success will be yours.

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