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Finding a way to reach peace has been the struggle of the human species. The tension between the daily grind and the eternal unknown creates an earthly anxiety in us all. There are many avenues to explore in crafting a spiritual path.

One way to find guidance and clarity when you are beginning to explore spirituality is to get a tarot reading. Some of the cards in the deck offer an opportunity to explore certain spiritual outlets. See if any of these ancient illustrations match up with your current concerns.

The Major Arcana

In every Tarot reading, cards from the Major Arcana are of great importance and signify impact. There are forces in the universe that are pulling you toward a spiritual transformation when one of these cards appears in your Tarot reading. You may follow your inner voice with greater confidence when any of these cards appear.

The High Priestess

This is a card of knowledge and acceptance. The spiritual element is one of finding your right fit or direction within a tradition. Many people are raised with a particular religious faith and as they grow, the teachings they started with no longer fit the life they want to have. The High Priestess reminds you to take the wisdom of the faith in which you were born and apply it to the world using your best judgement.

The Hierophant

The Tarot’s card of established hierarchies has heavy religious and spiritual overtones. The card denotes a declaration of loyalty to a particular spiritual quest and the leadership that has paved your road to discovery. Many spiritual pursuits are casual affairs with much dawdling and an overall empty experience from which we are all easily distracted. This is a card of making a commitment to follow a specific spiritual path and all of its teachings, restrictions and traditions. This card says that it is time to dive in.


This is perhaps the most spiritual card in the entire Tarot deck. It represents the possibility of freedom and abundance through the renunciation of worldly pleasures and materialism. If you are tempted to get rid of your belongings, reduce your consumption and downsize your home or your commitments, you may be ready to move beyond materialistic concerns. You may also be shedding relationships or patterns to free yourself from an abusive relationship with another person or your own behavior. Temperance is a gateway to a new life.

The radical nature of this card is a call to have it all by having nothing. Acceptance can only come when you no longer have a vested interest in the outcome. Loving yourself leads love to you. The path of Temperance is difficult in our times of excessive behavior, but it is a direct connection to the higher spiritual powers of the universe and beyond.

The Star

This is a card of inspiration. If you are lost and feeling unloved, the Star inspires your quest for fulfillment. It is the card of spiritual enlightenment that more often than not inspires people to create a new version of their universe. When the Star card appears in a reading, people take painting classes, go to quilting seminars, buy expensive digital cameras and seek out other artistic means of expression.

Art, crafts and other creative output are under the influence of this card. Works of artistry provide enriching experiences that expand your consciousness. From the enlightened state of the creative impulse comes the ability to craft a more spiritual daily existence.

Lower Arcana

Four cards in the Lower Arcana deal with following a spiritual path. They are, in numerical order, Ace, 2, 3 and 4. If two of these cards appear in a reading simultaneously, you are on the verge of a great breakthrough in your pursuit of peace

Ace of Cups

Each Ace is the embodiment of the suit it represents. The suit of Cups is the Tarot’s representation of emotion. The Ace of Cups is a manifestation of spiritual salvation. When this card appears in your reading, you are closing in on a redemptive experience that will uplift your very soul.

Two of Wands

Your natural creative impulse can help everyone. Elevating the consciousness of people is a spiritual calling. There are many ways to change the world for the better and coming up with great solutions to the world’s problems requires a creative spark. This card allows you to open your mind and intuition as a calling to help the world beyond your immediate surroundings. When you start a quest of a spiritual nature, you have no idea of where in the world you might end up.

Three of Pentacles

This card depicts three people in the midst of building a church interior. You are the architect of your own spiritual destiny, but the guidance and wisdom of others will take you on a more satisfying journey. You eventually will be able to be of service to others, but are now just beginning the task of building your own church of the divine mind.

Four of Swords

The scene of a serene interior illustrates what appears to be a sarcophagus. The swords surrounding it are at the ready. This is the suit of ideas and communication. When this card appears, the chance to philosophically discuss your spiritual path will arise. You may even find a teacher or mentor who will help you accelerate your understanding of the universe.

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