Healing from Afar

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Following a spiritual path can enrich life in many ways. One principal way is through healing. Immersing yourself in a spiritual practice is a time-honored method of healing emotional wounds. While there are many ways to overcome the damage done, distance helps along the process. Sidestepping negativity has many benefits. Staying close to a lousy situation can be self-destructive, and yet when you are in the middle of it, you may come up with all sorts of rationalizations to keep you stuck.

Getting space from a problem may come from an intentional act such as moving or from ceasing communication by choice or because the other party has moved on, Leaving for a while (or forever) provides a psychological break. When you create distance, you inherently acknowledge that a problem existed. Many people cannot admit this. Many pursuits of inner peace begin with people waking up from a period of denial. To simply leave is a big step, but the tension caused by the negativity actually inhibits breaking the ties that bind.

Here are some tips on breaking the cycle of negativity, creating distance and healing from afar as part of your spiritual path

Make the Break

      Whether you are living with nagging parents, self-destructive friends or an emotionally manipulative spouse, making the break is the biggest step toward healing. You might be scared and feel alone, but pulling back and looking at the big picture will help. Change is a process, one that might be dramatic at times. The drama of resolutely leaving might be a high point, but it is really just one action on a long road of changing your life’s priorities. The name for that road is: The Spiritual Path.

Look Ahead

      So much spiritual practice concerns concentrating on the present. When you are healing from afar, though, there can be peace in thinking about the future. Homesickness is a real emotion. Even if you were in a relationship with someone who was abusive, separation can produce a wistful yearning for a closeness that never really existed. Looking ahead to a better world and imagining your place in it can yield powerful advances in your healing.

Pace Yourself

      Once you make a quick break, you might expect some equally dramatic incidents to occur at regular intervals. Chances are this will not be the case. Your life will not become a non-stop action movie. Pacing your healing is important. Do not get ahead of yourself and think you are strong enough to return to the life you left. Don’t let boredom with a new location change your conviction to embrace the healing process from afar.

Let Others Heal in Peace

      In our era of social networking and complete connectivity, the concept of far away is not just a physical description. Snooping names on search engines and open social networks keeps a relationship alive even if it is done without the other person’s knowledge. When a physical wound heals, healthy tissue slowly replaces damaged cells. When an emotional wound heals, new relationships slowly overtake the empty space caused by vacating old connections. Some people go so far as to change their name in order to remain online but to create a distance that the Internet may not readily offer.

New Social Support Group

      Any healing process is accelerated by making new connections. If you have created distance between yourself and others in order to heal, it is no reason to be isolated. Healing from afar is effective when it is not healing in isolation. There are many ways to make new friends. Be it taking classes and seminars or joining a club, like-minded people are everywhere. Spirituality is making a connection with the divine in the everyday. Making a connection with other people is a way to practice this. Getting to know the universe in the person of an acquaintance puts you closer to the divine in yourself.

Avoid Idleness

      In addition to new people in your life, healing from afar will only work if you have little or no idle time. Get a hobby, embrace a new philosophy, volunteer or pursue an education. Your time must be filled with something other than longing. Your days need something that defines the present in an absolutely different manner than before. The busier you are, the faster you will find the peace that so many seek in their process of healing.

Analyze Your Role

      At some point in the healing process you will need to think about becoming a better person. You will need to get to know yourself a little more deeply. This could have some uncomfortable but necessary moments. Take a thorough inventory of what you may have done to put yourself in harm’s way. Your spiritual search for healing has at its genesis a cause.

No matter how responsible other people may be for the situation from which you need to heal, you must be brutally honest about any responsibility that you have in what has transpired. Do you set yourself up to fail? Do you encourage negative behavior in others with codependent actions?

Taking responsibility for your own role in your plight is a sign of great maturation and actual transformation from who you were to who you are becoming. You may choose to seek healing from afar from a psychic or an energy healer who can send healing to your problem and do clearing or balancing work on your energy meridians. Healing from afar can create a safe space for you to confront yourself in order to become the person you truly wish to be.

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