How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

With layoffs happening by the thousands and companies begging for bailouts, there’s a lot of negative energy going on out in the world. Learn how to protect yourself in order to help plot a safe path through the storm.

The reason we remind each other to count our blessings is because it is so easy to be defeated by the negativity out there. Even in good times there are depressed feelings that can consume us. Add to this some instability with the world situation and it is easy to mope, slow down and be brought down with bad feelings.

There are lots of ways to protect yourself from negative energy. Negative energy is commonly referred to as “bad vibes,” and is usually traceable to a negative person, group or agenda nearby. Read these descriptions of negative energy and the protection tips, both practical and metaphysical, to protect yourself from any negative effects.


Description: This person makes sure to tell everyone about all of the problems, personal and public, in the world today. No victories or enjoyment are possible because everything has a negative side that needs to be explained in painful detail.

Protection Tip: Music is the best protection. Raise the volume just a bit whenever this person comes into the room. It doesn’t matter what type of music, just about any combination of rhythm and melody help dissipate negative energy. Metals also conduct music well, so a metal amulet with a power symbol you choose can ward off “The Whiner” on a consistent basis.


Description: Be it the economy, illness, germs, or a host of other possible afflictions, fear is some of the most negative energy out there. Dealing with it keeps many a psychologist as well as psychics and astrologers employed.

Protection Tip: Consider the comforting quote of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the perfect antidote to being needlessly afraid: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear is actually a concept, not a material reality. To hold off the negative energy of an idea, a quartz crystal carried in your pocket or around your neck (depending on how fashionable it will be, of course) will be able to absorb the negative energy of fear before it pierces your aura and can do damage.

Remember, fear is a biological asset to protect us in times of danger. A crystal protects the hyper exaggeration of fear, not the practical reality of true, obvious threats to our immediate safety.


Description: Just as you are making progress, things start to fall apart. Look around and the underminer may have been hard at work to ensure you did not get ahead.

Protection Tip: What the underminer hates is the light of being exposed, so be sure to have a small candle burning somewhere safe. Even better is to undermine an underminer by giving this person a candle as a gift!


Description: No matter how great an accomplishment you or someone close to you has to share, a joykiller will make sure to minimize achievements at the very least and will work to try to make everyone feel rotten about having these successes.

Protection Tip: The overt prayer is an ancient form of warding off evil spirits. In the contemporary home or workplace, the overt prayer is called the interruption. As the joykiller starts a ramble of vile hate, politely interrupt with some news, any news. “I just remembered, everybody, there is a new trash liner in the can, so you can throw things out now.” No matter what information you interrupt with, you have interrupted the joykiler and robbed them of the ability to spray their snake-ish venom.

Perpetual Victims

Description: “Oh dear, the company hates me for clocking in…”; “Oh poor me, men will never date me because I am 5′ 5″…”; “I ate lunch by myself because someone would have told a joke about me if I had joined you…”. This person is always at the receiving end of a conspiracy and is able to never succeed because there are just too many people to blame.

Protection Tip: You want this person’s attitude to slip away from you. Anoint yourself with some holy oil behind your ears and you will not absorb this person’s hatred of the world, fear of success and self-loathing. The negative energy will slip away.

Guilt Trippers

Description: Whatever you are doing, it is bad, here is why, and doing it this person’s way is the only way to be “good.” Guilt-Trippers give good causes like religious faith, environmentalism and love a bad name by never allowing people to enjoy anything.

Protection Tip: Gold rings symbolize three things that a guilt-tripper despises: luxury, simplicity and the use of one’s own hands to reach out and affirm a destiny of self-creation. The hands are too powerful a symbol of personal freedom for the guilt-tripper to contend with. Gold is too luxurious an expenditure for the guilt-tripper to cope with. Asserting a simple ideology of personal freedom contrary to that of the guilt-tripper is too heretical for this person to stand next to. He or she will take their negative energy elsewhere when you flaunt your gold ring.

Indirect Victimization

Description: Friends and family of self-destructive people end up receiving the negative energy of that person’s behavior even though the wrath was never aimed at them. The negative energy of indirect victimization punishes the innocent and is difficult to address because the victim is never the intended target.
Protection Tip: A circle of protection is needed urgently in so many peoples’ lives. Good people need to draw a circle on the bedroom floor and put their bed in it. Sacred geometry is especially powerful at warding off unintended negative energy. A chair that you sit in for most of the day needs the spiritual foundation of a circle at its base in order to assist your natural aura in protecting all sides of you.

If a third party is putting you in harm’s way, drawing your circle of protection in a room miles away that he or she knows nothing about. This is a safe and secure measure of protecting you and those you love from negative energy. Abandoning those you love who do not love themselves protects everyone involved from deeper damage.

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