Find Spiritual Peace After a Breakup

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Despite how good or bad a relationship is, ending it can be difficult and the aftermath of emotions can be overwhelming. We’ve all been there and most of us survive. Some of us bounce right back and may even be a better person from the experience, while others simply get stuck in the grief.

Whether we’re lying around nursing our emotional wounds or jumping right back into the dating game, oftentimes we ruminate on what went wrong while forgetting about what went right. We look for, and need, an inner spiritual peace that will allow us to heal from the breakup, a spiritual peace that will enable us to move forward in our quest to find true love.

Sometimes it takes a monumental life event, like the ending of a relationship, to catapult us into a mode of self-awareness and growth that leads us to finding inner peace. We may flounder at first, not knowing which direction to go in, but with help we can find our way.

We might look to unconventional methods to assist us, like the residue of tea leaves at the bottom of our tea cup or our daily horoscope emailed to us each morning. Silly maybe, and even somewhat insignificant, but for some it’s all we have to give us a glimmer of hope and something to look forward to. But what can either of those really tell you? While reading a daily horoscope, a tarot reading or a psychic’s advice column might provide us with some general commonsense information on finding love, seeking out advice specific to our situation may put us on the path to finding the spiritual peace that has eluded us thus far.

Where can I find true love, and does it even exist? Will my broken heart ever mend, and how can I avoid it being broken in the future? Will I ever find that special person who brings out the best in me instead of the worst? There are times when we all want someone to tell us which direction to move in and to assure us that life will get better.

Our motivation to get out of bed each morning rests with a faith that there is something more, something better, and something bigger out there just waiting for us. But the question is, “Where and how do we find that something?”

As human beings we are not meant to spend our lives alone, yet after a breakup up we can be afraid to get involved again or we jump into a new relationship so quickly that we haven’t had time to evaluate our motives, much less learn from our lessons. It’s times like these that we need guidance.

Scientists have proven that energy does not die. Energy simply changes form when it can no longer persist in its present structure. This theory has lent credence to the belief that the energy that makes up our body and soul merely changes form as well after our physical body dies. The energy transforms to the ethers, where it continues to exist and maintain a connection to its earthly identity.

Those souls, or entities, who have made the transition, gain a broader perspective from being in the spirit realm. They hold the knowledge and wisdom of their earthly lives as well as whatever they have learned in the spirit world. They desire to assist us and guide us in our daily lives if we choose to allow it and if we can find a way to connect with them. When we reach out, these entities are willing and able to assist us. They can communicate to us, via psychic “channels” or “mediums,” information that is normally beyond our grasp.

Psychics have been around longer than recorded history. They were called prophets, seers, sages, and shamans. The written works of a few notable ones, like Nostradamus, Daniel Douglas Hume and Edgar Cayce, are still read today to glean their psychic wisdom.

The allure of psychics waxes and wanes with the ages; in today’s troubled times they seem to be everywhere and are gaining in popularity. Psychics and mediums with flashing neon signs beckon us in for a reading and celebrity psychics throw around credible-sounding advice on television talk shows.

Many people claim to have psychic abilities and many do. However, as with all gifts, some have honed their talents thorough practice, and some are just naturally more gifted. Your family doctor might be great with the children, for example, but you might not want him performing a heart transplant on you. Much of a person’s credibility is based on experience and years of practice. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and so it goes for psychics.

Usually we seek out guidance and solace from our best friends or family after a bad breakup. They might be able to give us a shoulder to cry on and help us get through the initial phase of tears or anger, but most times that’s where their help ends.

Seeking out guidance and solace by consulting a psychic may be the next step in healing and discovering your spiritual peace after a breakup. Psychics available by phone can provide guidance about your broken relationship and assist you in discovering your life’s path at your convenience. They can provide advice on what areas of your life you need to examine, suggestions on changes you might make, and soothing words that can be a balm for your troubled soul – all from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.

Consulting a psychic trained to provide help via clairaudience, clairsentience and/or clairvoyance might be just what you need to help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get you back on track. They can provide you with the tools of insight that can help you avoid choosing the wrong person again for your next relationship and help you find spiritual peace.

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