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Your aura is a field of energy that surrounds your body. It works a lot like a magnet does, drawing in the emotions and other vibrational energies from the world around you. When it draws in negative energies, your aura can suffer a loss of luminosity.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Your aura is a lot like a filter, affecting how you view and perceive the world around you. When your aura is filled with negative things, you might find yourself feeling down and lethargic. On the other hand, when your aura field is strong, you are more likely to have a positive outlook and feel energized.

Fortunately, you can rid yourself of any negative energies by cleansing your aura. There are several techniques you can use to cleanse your aura. Some methods rely on physical activities, while others are a mental exercise. Here are a few examples for ways you can cleanse your aura of any unpleasant vibrations and energies.

Water Cleansing

Just like water can clean your physical body, it is also very useful for cleansing your aura. Enjoy a quiet shower or soak in the tub, taking in some calming, deep breaths. If you choose to take a bath, you could add some bath salts or a few drops of essential oils to the water to enhance the experience.

During your shower or bath, focus on the feeling of the water hitting every part of your body. Watch as the water flows down the drain. Visualize it taking your problems and stresses along with it. Alternatively, you could choose to perform this water cleansing while standing outside in the rain or when swimming in a pool or at the beach.

You also could perform this water cleansing exercise mentally through meditation. Visualize yourself performing any of the suggestions listed above. Or, you could imagine that you are standing underneath a waterfall. Allow the flowing water to wash away any negativity that surrounds you. Then take time to reflect upon the newly refreshed energy and bright white light that surrounds you.

Wind Cleansing

Like water, the wind also has the power to drive away any negative energies from your aura. After all, the word “aura” means “wind” in both Latin and Ancient Greek. On a windy day, head outside and turn to face the wind. Gently outstretch your arms and close your eyes. As the wind cleanses your aura, allow its power to reinvigorate you.

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Smudging Your Aura

Smudging refers to using the smoke from dried herbs to cleanse your aura. This practice began as a Native American ritual. Start by lighting a smudge stick or bundle. These bundles are typically filled with cleansing herbs, such as sage, sweetgrass, or lavender. Wait until the flame extinguishes. Once the stick or bundle is smoldering, move it all around your body. Make sure to reach as far as you can in each direction. As the smoke comes in contact with your aura, the herbs work to cleanse your energy.

Positive Affirmations

Reciting positive mantras is another way you can cleanse your aura. First, select a mantra that you find positive and uplifting. You want it to be something that is meaningful to you and what you are currently dealing with in your life. You might even wish to write your own mantra.

Recite the mantra out loud. Do not simply say the words – feel them vibrating throughout your entire body. Repeat the exercise several times over the course of many days. Keep the mantra written down in areas you frequently look, such as at your desk at work or taped to your bathroom mirror.

Protecting Your Aura

Once you have gone through the steps to cleanse your aura of any negative energies, you should take care to protect it. One of the best ways that you can protect your aura is to surround yourself with positive people, who can help to offset the negativity in the world.

If you have trouble keeping your aura clear, the problem may not be coming from external forces. It may be time to take a look at yourself. Everyone has bad days sometimes. But do you find yourself focusing on the negative things in life? Do not dwell on the bad things. Instead, keep your focus on the bright side of life. Find ways to make your day better, even when it’s hard. With practice, it will become easier to overcome your own negative thoughts and emotions.

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