Rainbow Aura Meaning & Personality


The rainbow aura is a true gift, it is one of the rarest auras (like the pink and crystal aura) an individual can be blessed with and distinctly positive in nature. This aura is, as its name suggests, touched by a wide array of colors which is deeply symbolic of their understanding of those around them.The notion that those who possess rainbow auras are healers is true, but not in the way that some people may think. For Rainbows, it simply manifests as a constant drive to aid those in need around them and that they usually excel in any healing field be it therapeutic, aura healing, or even conventional medical treatment. Those who have a rainbow aura go through life treasuring every moment as if it were their first and could easily be their last, and so you won’t often find them in the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Join us as we reveal more about the intriguing qualities of the rainbow aura in the following article.

What is an Aura?

Your aura is a field of subtle energy or electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and reflects your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. It is a glow or vibration that can be seen or sensed by intuitive individuals. The colors and patterns within your aura can vary depending on your mood, personality, and overall state of being. Some people may have a vibrant and colorful aura, indicating strong and positive energy, while others may have a more subdued or cloudy aura, suggesting inner turmoil or imbalance. Different aura colors are associated with different things and personality traits. For example, you could have a purple aura, green aura, yellow aura, blue aura, or white aura. Each color is associated with different chakras and can provide you insight into your spiritual well-being. 

Personality Traits For Rainbow Auras

Rainbows have an interesting mix of personality traits that render them easy to adore but hard to understand. For starters, they often have a strong, energetic, and vibrant personality that is very clear on what they desire, and yet it is paired with a sensitive soul usually found in an extremely passive person. People with a rainbow aura may never buckle or bend in the face of adversity or challenge, but their heart easily aches, especially for other people. Just as their aura reflects colors of all types, so too do their friendships. This is an aura of open acceptance with no expectations or rules, highly regarded as one of the friendliest auras that exist. Even though auras are known to fluctuate, Rainbow auras are as close to steady as an aura can be, clearly evident even in childhood. The raw joy rainbow children exhibit for simply being alive and discovering more of the world they live in far surpasses that of other children.

Individuals with a rainbow aura are passionate about every decision they make. Even if they fail to explain it verbally, they simply know if something is the right choice or not and will not allow themselves to be swayed. Selfishness is nonexistent as they live a life of service at all times. While every Rainbow is unique, the likelihood of a Rainbow having psychic abilities or spiritual connection in those who believe is significantly higher than average than for other auras.

These abilities allow them alternative means to serve people beyond common occupations such as doctors and therapists. The rainbow aura is uniquely equipped to bestow energy to others by being resistant to the negativity that would cause one to need to focus on themselves. Rarely will you find a Rainbow in any negative energy, prolonged depression, grief, or guilt. These sensitive souls may easily hurt but move on swiftly to continue in their life’s greatest goal, service.

A rainbow contains all the colors of a primary color spectrum, and understanding what red and blue auras represent can be gleaned from reading our other articles. You can also get your own online spiritual reading to learn more about the manifestation of a rainbow aura.

Love And Friendship With Rainbows

Friendship, as mentioned previously, is easy to obtain with any Rainbow you find. They are outgoing and unassuming, readily forging close friendships without the defensive walls common to other vulnerable people. Rainbows generally do not concern themselves with trying to forcefully change people or scold them for their actions. They are purely positive in focus and will simply cease associating with those who bring nothing but doom to those they meet. People with a rainbow aura are reliable and loyal friends, supportive whenever you are in need. Those who need a constant stream of attention may well find friendship with a Rainbow frustrating, as they are too often distracted by the plights of others to satisfy superficial neediness.

Intimate romantic relationships with a Rainbow will be immeasurably loving and passionate. They will make sure to leave time for their spouse and treasure every moment spent with him or her.

Conflicts can certainly arise if paired with someone who is also strong-willed, but no grudges will be held, and the Rainbow will always strive for harmony. Individuals with a rainbow aura naturally gravitate towards those who similarly share their love for helping the people of the world. While taking part in their lifestyle dedicated to service is not necessary, it can be stressful to have a partner who shows no support for what drives them. It is very common for Rainbows to meet their partners in the workplace, as many of the occupations they are found in attract those who also love helping others. Expect only a serious relationship if a Rainbow looks your way; they have no interest in short-term, lusty escapades that will ultimately die off.

Rainbows In The Workplace

Rainbows in the workplace are dutiful, often willing to work to exhaustion if it means helping one more person in their day. They function best on the frontline, as the hands-off approach of a supervisory position can drive them insane. There will be no drama from this optimistic, bubbly bunch and they will reliably complete assignments on time. What they lack in ambition, they more than make up for with raw drive when in the right occupation. Rainbows that are unfortunate enough to have to work outside of a career that meshes well with their innate drive lose a lot of their luster. Even so, they will never become a troublemaker.

The rainbow aura is a powerful one, as bright and special as each of the colors that help compose it. As natural healers, they set out to aid the people of the world in any and every way they can. Their constant optimism and positive view of life radiate outward and for lack of a better term, infect all those they meet. Brimming with energy and an unquenchable drive to make the world a better place, few can meet a Rainbow and return to say they are unimpressed.

You can learn to cleanse your aura by reading this article, or you can speak with one of our expert advisors.

How to Protect Your Rainbow Aura

Protecting your rainbow aura involves taking care of your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. To protect the spiritual energy of your rainbow aura, it is important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people who uplift and encourage you. Engaging in activities that bring you joy and help you relax, such as practicing mindfulness or meditation, can also help in maintaining a strong aura. The best way to improve your aura and mental state is to use sage, cleansing bath, and aura quartz crystals.  Also, setting healthy boundaries and learning to say no to things that drain your energy is crucial. A little bit of self-love goes a long way to balance your dynamic energy and energy field. Taking care of your physical health through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and getting enough rest is also important for maintaining a vibrant and healthy aura.

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