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The magenta aura stands out amongst the crowd, claiming the best qualities of Reds and Blues with a flair for originality and independence. A Magenta is not your average person, and they tend to refuse to allow themselves to slip into the normal and predictable patterns that other aura colors seem to follow. Individuals who are blessed with this aura color take their creative drive and utilize it in every aspect of their lives. To some, they may come off as rebellious and even combative, but their main goal is always to be unique and unafraid to do so. They are the original rebels with a cause and do not seek to be oppositional solely for the sake of it.

Magentas represent an enjoyable contrast to those who journey through life in expected and socially acceptable ways. Of course, their moments of stand out behavior are not always beloved by everyone they meet. However, this is a distinctly positive aura color who generally harbors no ill will towards others and simply wishes to march to the beat of its own drums.

Personality Traits For Magenta Auras

The magenta aura takes the physical, powerful, and direct aspects of the red aura and combines them with the intellectual, intuitive, and creative aspects of the blue aura. Together, these form an unforgettable union and that will leave most people pleasantly surprised. A Magenta seeking to describe him or herself would likely cite their originality, creativity, and independence as defining traits, and all without an ounce of egotism to be found. While these are all true, other people may notice their more negative characteristics. Stubbornness is very common in those with a magenta aura, as is the need to constantly shock and surprise the people they interact with. The combination of those two traits can leave Magentas with smaller social circles comprised of more tolerant individuals. Another common trait is an innate fearlessness about taking risks and going beyond boundaries. People with a magenta aura tend to care little for approval and acceptance, often causing them to lack natural restraint.

The magenta aura is an energetic force, which can drive those blessed with it into a feeling of  restlessness. For them, there is always something to do, to create, or to challenge. Magentas possess a raw optimism that cannot be dampened by any force outside of their own. Life is about new experiences both discovered and created in an endless cycle that brings on low moods when these goals can not be achieved. Magentas are eccentric and they love it, funneling their high energy into creative pursuits and warding off any hint of repetitive or boring activities. How people with a magenta aura are accepted within society largely depends on whether or not their environment fosters the spirit of unrestrained creativity and is tolerant of those who differ from the norm. Thus Magentas may find themselves more at home in large, urban environments as opposed to smaller, more tight-knit communities where cohesion is king.

Love And Friendship With A Magenta

Magentas are generally viewed as fun and extremely entertaining people. Individuals with this aura color are very outgoing and full of a vibrancy that lights up the spirit of everyone around them. Their upbeat nature is a magnet for interest, friendships, and an adoring crowd. For those with a calmer personality, a Magenta may be a little too high strung and rough around the edges to be enjoyable. Friendship with this explosive mix of red and blue auras is rather easy to obtain, and comes with no judgment or requirement of similar values. As Magentas are truly different, they similarly respect those who also seem strange or different to them. They lack the insecurities or fears that would make the journey toward friendships or serious relationships a struggle. Those who will happily join in on spontaneous adventures and aren’t afraid to take risks in the social eye tend to get along splendidly with Magentas. Their intelligence, determination, and artistic natures easily earn them the admiration and even envy of their peers, but it would be exceedingly rare to find a Magenta who is an egotist.

Long-term intimate relationships with a Magenta can be a very satisfying experience on both ends when personalities complement each other. Those with a love for humor and a consistently optimistic personality are often the best option in this pairing. People who need to have a sense of control over their partner or who prefer predictable conformity should steer clear.

Stubbornness within the relationship is a source of many problems as Magentas often aren’t willing to compromise regardless of the importance of the matter at hand. Don’t expect to ever have a boring day with a Magenta as your partner, even if it means causing a little mischief or outrage. Potential suitors must be aware that the free spirit they fell in love with will exist for life, and is unlikely to calm down simply due to marriage or family life. Overall, those with a magenta aura are loving and devoted, but will always be their own person and won’t allow someone to take their autonomy from them.

Magentas In the Workplace

How you feel about a Magenta as a co-worker or employee will largely depend on the job in question. For any career where innovation, high energy, and creativity is not only accepted but rewarded, Magentas are adored. For repetitive office tasks and manual labor they can swiftly become a nuisance due to their needs for intellectual stimulation not being sated. The high energy that Magentas possess is always a beloved boon in the working environment, especially those that are fast-paced. They will generally excel in individual tasks but struggle when forced into team or group work due to very independent personalities and a drive to do things with their unique flair. All in all, this aura is more often seen as a positive to have in the workplace than a negative, but individuals will always vary.

The magenta aura is full of surprises, and the large majority of them are welcome ones. They thrill those around them with fun-loving and brave personalities and will never let go a frown go unfixed. The endless craving for independence Magentas have is both a blessing and a curse, when paired with traits that can make them unbearable to some less tolerant individuals. Still, their uniqueness by far makes up for any negative traits they possess. As a Magenta, you will forge your own path through the world and let no one tell you otherwise. The risks you take in life bring innovation and discoveries that would otherwise be missed to all. Your risks may not always be healthy, but you can take heart in that everything you do is for a positive and purposeful reason.

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