Dreams About Dogs and What They Mean

happy dog with tongue out

Has man’s best friend bounded into your dreams lately? Dreams that involve dogs are often very positive in nature and are thankfully a whole lot less cryptic to interpret than many other dreams. Our beloved domesticated canine can represent a multitude of traits and life experiences, both actively occurring and soon to be seen. From everlasting devotion to the intense need for support from friends or family, dogs and their lovable nature easily showcase the best of our lives.

Of course, there can be negative associations and interpretations with dreaming of dogs despite the high likelihood of positivity. Intimidating and aggressive guard dogs, those that lead you astray, and even circling wolves are all dreams that can incite fear and worry. So what does your dog dream mean? Continue reading to discover the most common and meaningful interpretations.

A Friend Till The End

If you have ever experienced a dream that included a stray dog who soon was inseparable from your side, it generally represents a powerful friendship you have with someone. Whether it was you who found the stray or the dog itself who waltzed into your dream life, this was an indisputablya good sign. Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty to the end, even defending the body of owners who have passed away. The circumstances of finding the stray dog (or it finding you) can reference how a particular bond in your life has or will begin. It may be you who will discover someone in need, suffering and alone. At times, dogs in your dreams can be used to bring awareness to the less than glamorous behavior of yourself or someone close to you. For example, if a dog is kicked, hit, or abused within your dream and yet still remains by your side. This is a sign to reevaluate your relationships before you end up like a loyal canine, even enduring cruel behavior out of love and devotion. If it is a reflection of yourself, take the time to make the positive changes your true friends deserve.

It Just Takes Time

A fearful or anxious dog that appears in your dreams is often a sign to take things slowly. Afterall, running toward or trying to impatiently catch a fearful dog will usually result in failure. It takes time for the canine to develop trust in you, and even longer to develop the confidence to be its true self. This can relate to your life in multiple ways. Perhaps you have been overly aggressive in your ambitions and find that it is not working out well for you at this point in time. Maybe a budding friendship or potential relationship is not progressing with the speed you expected, if at all. Regardless of the stalled situation, recognize that there are times you will need to wait for the good to come to you. Being a go-getter is beneficial in many ways but will not solve every problem that comes to a head. Take a deep breath and attempt to approach things at an even pace, you may well be surprised by the results.

As Happy As A Two-Tailed Dog

The various sayings about a dog with two tails all center on one thing, uncontrollable happiness. A generous amount of dog dreams are simply about a happy go lucky companion who brings excited barks, puppy kisses and tail wags to its owner. As humans, our moods can significantly differ on a day to day basis, but if you’ve ever owned a dog you know you can count on their excitement when you arrive home no matter what. These feel-good dreams simply represent the best in life and encourage you to make the most of it.

There are rarely any hidden meanings, but some can falsely interpret this as a sign to seek out more happiness. On the contrary, it is typically meant to inspire thankfulness and gratitude for what blessings you have been given. Dogs represent pack animals and they are happiest with their owners. It makes no difference toa dog whether you are a world leader or a homeless individual, seeing you is still the highlight of their day. Finding that degree of happiness and satisfaction with yourself can only bring positives to your life.

When Danger Lurks

Sadly, not all dreams involving dogs are bright and positive. Some can be downright terrifying depending on the situation. Growling and otherwise seemingly vicious dogs can turn any dream into a nightmare. Recalling the exact circumstances of your dream can give a lot of insight into its underlying meaning. Being circled or hunted by wolves or a pack of feral dogs can be a sign that you have gotten yourself into a very bad situation that will only become harder to escape as time goes on.

Dreaming about a dog that ultimately bites after being fearful or cornered is a warning not to let your anxieties overwhelm you. It is far too easy to lash out at people unintentionally when you are pushed to the limit with stressors. If your dream involves a guard dog that bites you in an act of protection for another, you may be failing to respect some boundaries of those you know. Take a moment to reflect on any negative or stress-related emotions you have had lately to seek out the source to fix it.

Dreams about our beloved canine companions tend to be uplifting and refreshing. Often they are easy to figure out and apply to things that are going on in your life. While there are many common interpretations, it is important to remember that sometimes a dream can be just a dream with no hidden meaning behind it. In other cases, they are a true reflection of your aspirations, roadblocks, emotions, and daily struggles. To find out the true nature of a dream or series of dreams you have experienced, consider consulting our experienced dream interpreters for a live interpretation today.

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