Does Your Aura Change After Spiritual Awakening?

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Spiritual awakening inspires great changes, transforming individuals during their journey toward inner peace. While this happens, personality and perspective become altered. This naturally affects the aura. However, only certain people will notice. Consulting a psychic can lead to deeper knowledge of the spiritual world, including the changes occurring deep in oneself.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

The experience of spiritual awakening is different for everyone. To describe the concept, words like “enlightenment” and “transcendence” are often used by those familiar with it. Spiritual awakening brings about an altered state of perception. An enlightened person may feel as if reality itself has changed, become more uplifting and less chaotic. That individual might even feel closer to divine sources. Eastern religions have labeled the sacred energy needed for this process “kundalini” – the force that awakens consciousness. After their first spiritual awakening, many people find themselves with more psychic ability than before.

Spiritual awakenings are quite unpleasant at first. The experience often starts with tragedy, which inspires a wake-up call in the individual. Near-death experiences, finding love and then losing it, and psychedelic drugs are just a few possible catalysts. Physical and emotional traumas are both likely to heighten one’s awareness of reality. Yoga, fasting, and stress have also caused spiritual awakenings in the past. It happens most commonly when people are pushed to their personal limits. Helplessness causes them to examine the world in a different light. They turn to a higher power, understanding the vastness of the spiritual universe, and become enlightened.

Spiritual awakening can make a person feel overwhelmed, disoriented, defenseless, guilty, depressed, anxious, or frightened. These feelings are only temporary. Enlightenment can also arouse positive emotion; euphoria, promiscuity, and out-of-body experiences are not uncommon. Physical symptoms may include spasms and shaking. These are the effects of kundalini energy, which comes from the base of the spine and moves throughout the body, acting as a spiritual cleanser. Past emotions and traumas are exiting the body through what Hindus call pranic healing.

The Psychic Within

During a spiritual awakening, psychic power and intuition become much stronger. All of the senses are seriously affected. The individual may have strange dreams, notice auras, hear voices, and smell certain scents that no one else can perceive. This is the time psychic talents can develop or grow. Abilities like precognition, telepathy, and healing powers may surface. Stronger creative energy is also to be expected. Spiritual awakening may take just a few months, or years upon years. Timing will always depend on the individual. It’s worth the wait, however long that may be. After a spiritual awakening, the feeling of tranquility and deep inner peace is incomparable.

A Change in Aura

Auras are electromagnetic energy fields that surround every living being. Factors that influence the color of an aura are physical condition, emotions, level of consciousness, thoughts, and physical surroundings. Spiritual awakening alters one’s state of being, which naturally changes colors of one’s aura. Most people have two dominant colors. Flashes of other hues may appear far from the head. These represent changing thoughts. While auras can be seen with the naked eye, at least by people with well-developed psychic abilities, other people can simply have theirs photographed. Auras can be captured on film through the Kirlian photography process.

Developing Psychic Ability

Psychic power is strengthened by spiritual awakening. However, one should still practice seeing auras, whether they belong to other people or oneself. All psychic abilities need to be developed over time. Look in a mirror closely for five minutes each day, concentrating only on the center of your forehead at first. This is where your third-eye chakra (psychic eye) is located. The energy in this area should be fairly strong. Once you can see the color of your own aura, branch out and try to see the auras of other people. It’s important to understand the meaning of each color you read.

  • Blue
    This color aura indicates balance, relaxation, survival instinct, and energy. A flash of color in an aura represents thought. Blue flashes point to thoughts about relaxation or survival.
  • Brown
    A brown aura will look murky. People with brown auras are upset or worried and more concerned with material items than spirituality. This is one of the few negative colors.
  • Green
    People with green auras are calming, with natural healing abilities. The strength of the green aura indicates the power of the healer. These individuals are meant to soothe others.
  • Grey
    The grey aura looks more like smoke than glowing energy. This color indicates darkness within a person, bad intentions, or depression. It’s definitely a warning sign.
  • Orange
    An orange aura represents an inspiring kind of power. People with orange auras are born leaders, with an incredible ability to control others. They have ample energy and joy.
  • Pink
    Though it’s never the main color of an aura, pink is a rare and wonderful color to emit. It represents affection, purity, and balance between the spiritual and material worlds.
  • Purple
    The purple aura points to strong psychic ability and mysticism. When the color purple appears as a flash or cloud in the aura, it simply represents spiritual thought.
  • Red
    People with red auras tend to be down-to-earth, powerful, and passionate. They have very strong willpower. Flashes of a murky red hue indicate deep anger within.
  • Yellow
    Yellow auras point to optimism and an easy-going attitude. People who have really developed their spiritual powers have a yellow halo around their head.
  • White
    A white aura signifies disease, drug use, or spiritual release soon to come. The aura turns white and becomes much more intense during the hours leading up to death.

Consulting a Psychic

Auras are a revealing feature. They show the personality, completely free of learned habits and outward appearances. Your aura exposes who you truly are. By consulting a psychic, you can discover more about yourself from a spiritual view. Just be ready to have someone see you for who you really are. Whether you’re finding love, making a career decision, or simply soul-searching, a psychic can help you take the right path. Your feelings and personality traits can lead the way; that’s why discovering your aura is such an important step in the journey of life.

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