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Stress (especially during uncertain times) is a silent killer that affects your physical, mental, and emotional health, your work performance,  and can even damage meaningful relationships. It’s important to manage your stress with a healthy outlet such as reiki — especially if other techniques you’ve tried aren’t working. 

If you’ve heard of the term but still aren’t quite sure what it is, let us explain. Reiki is a Japanese technique that’s used to help relax the body and mind while reducing stress and promoting healing. The literal translation is Rei, God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power, and Ki — life force energy. While in-person reiki sessions involve the transmission of energy through the practitioner’s hands, the reiki practice can also be conducted over the phone, too, though each advisor has his/her own way of connecting. 

You don’t need to Google ways to find a “reiki healer near me.” Some of the best practitioners are right here on Get to know these 13 top reiki masters so that you can be on your way to a more balanced and stressless lifestyle. 

Dusty Dionne

  • Background: Dusty was born with the gifts of being a Natural Empath, intuitive, and an Esoteric Healer. He’s been providing clarity to family, friends, and strangers since his childhood — nine years old to be exact. He made the decision to turn his gift into a career in his early 20s as he felt he was naturally drawn to those in need. In addition, Dusty is a Minister and Initiate who also works full-time as a Priest in a church. He tours and teaches esoteric studies across the US for the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. 
  • Personal Approach: Saying Dusty has multiple gifts would be an understatement. His exploration into the spiritual world began with Native American Spiritualism before transcending into the practice of European Shamanism. His natural-born talent runs in the family he descends from a long line of Christian-Psychics. Dusty also relies on Tarot, Reiki, and Esoteric Pathworking to help his clients live a more happy and balanced lifestyle. 
  • Rate: $2.97 per minute. 


  • Background: Moaria has seen and heard things while having a keen intuition her entire life. She’s practiced tarot for over 20 years with the goal of helping people find the clarity they need to move forward and/or make the right life decisions. As she’s a hospice nurse, she’s a natural healer and she’s able to use her gifts to help souls cross over to the other side. 
  • Personal Approach: As with all psychic advisors, Moaria wants you to find comfort in knowing that you won’t be judged by any information you wish to share. Her goal is to help clients identify roadblocks and influences that are preventing them from letting go and/or moving forward. While she has an open mind and open heart, she’s a sharp-shooter that won’t soften her advice so that recipients get the straightforward, unbiased advice they need to resolve the problem at hand. 
  • Rate: $1.99 per minute.

Trisha Parker

  • Background: A natural-born healer, Trisha has been practicing Tarot for over 20 years, so it’s no surprise that she also teaches an online course aside from being a professional reader on She’s also trained in ministry, so she uses this experience to help others access their spirit guides while providing clarity and direction. As if her plate wasn’t already full enough, Trisha currently coordinates a five-day metaphysical festival, teaches a variety of spiritual online courses, and runs a women’s circle.
  • Personal Approach: Trisha uses her skills in Reiki, herbalism, energy work, nutrition, and Tarot to provide clients with honest, unbiased advice on the past, present, and future so that they can reach their full potential. What she won’t do is give you exact dates and times for specific situations such as “You’ll get a job offer next Friday at Noon.” Rather, she works with general time frames. While she has a soft approach, she won’t sugarcoat the truth so that clients can leave a session with a solid, life-changing strategy. 
  • Rate: $2.33 per minute.


  • Background: Dianalc was born with a gift to help others. For over 30 years, she’s been using her skills as an Intuitive Reader and Reiki Practioner in an effort to provide spiritual guidance and wisdom to others. 
  • Personal Approach: Dianalc is very clear that her readings are straightforward and not some sort of “fairy tale” conjured up to make clients feel better. Her advice is unbiased so there’s no situation you can’t come to her with. She also uses playing cards and angle cards as tools to help her during a reading. 
  • Rate: $4.15 per minute.


  • Background: Millstarr is a professional psychic and meditation teacher who believes that traveling the world and being exposed to new cultures and sacred places increases her own level of spirituality. Her intention is to live by her beliefs — kindness, inclusion, love, ethics, and honesty — all of which you can expect from a reading with her. 
  • Personal Approach: Unlike other psychics, Millstarr doesn’t rely on tools like Tarot and Pendulum to assist her with her readings — though she knows how to use them. She obtains her messages directly from her spirit guides or yours. The messages appear as words, pictures, or feelings and are used to help her clients make the best decisions possible. With that said, you may not always like what you’re going to hear, but it’s what you need to hear. 
  • Rate: $5.95 per minute.


  • Background: Heart-to-Heart specializes in breakups/divorce, commitment-phobia, destiny/life path, career, and matters of the heart. She’s a caring and empowering Empath who’s been helping clients on since 2011. 
  • Personal Approach: As her handle suggests, Heart-to-Heart approaches each client’s situation with compassion and honesty. Along with intuition, she relies on Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Reiki to help her clients through difficult times, challenges, and times of uncertainty. 
  • Rate: $6.99 per minute. 

Intuitive Guidance with LC

  • Background: Intuitive Guidance with LC has been a Keen advisor since 2010. While she specializes in all matters of the heart (including those related to pets), she’s also very good with financial and career issues. 
  • Personal Approach: Along with Reiki, Empathy, and Clairvoyance, Intuitive Guidance with LC relies on Tarot and the Pendulum to help her clients find clarity and balance. Her average review rating is a perfect 5.0 so take a look and see what other satisfied clients are saying!
  • Rate: $4.88 per minute. 

Shy Owl

  • Background: Shy Owl knew she had a gift since she was a young child, a period in her life when dream intuitions started to occur. She’s been conducting professional readings for over 20 years and is an ordained Reverend, Reiki Master, and Tarot expert. She can even connect with loved ones who have crossed over if needed. 
  • Personal Approach: Despite her handle, Shy Owl believes the best advice is direct advice — whether or not these messages are something you want to hear. Even so, her readings are focused on positivity — even if that means discovering the roadblocks that are preventing you from being your best self. With that in mind, she encourages you to frame your questions in a positive way. So, for example, don’t ask “Why am I not good enough?” Rather, frame your question more like, “What can I do to improve upon my career/relationship/personal growth, etc.?” 

When it comes to Reiki, she focuses on Enlightenment energy before a reading with a client. “ It is my hope that this ensures that only the Highest Messages are allowed through,” Shy Owl explains. “That doesn’t always ensure or promise rainbows and unicorns as sometimes the information we need is messier than we hope for but when allowed to flow freely it does ensure that the information needed to make sound choices is available.”

  • Rate: $2.33 per minute. 

Anastasia Christine

  • Background: Anastasia Christine has been an intuitive her entire life, but it wasn’t until a near-death experience that she was able to read chakras and communicate with spirit guides and angels. She’s been working in the spiritual field for 19 years and counting. She boasts a degree in equine science and is a certified Reiki Master. 
  • Personal Approach: Along with Reiki techniques, Anastasia relies on chakra reading, spirit guides, and angels to help her with her practice.  
  • Rate: $4.69 per minute. 


  • Background: Intuitivelight75 boasts a Masters of Science and Education and she previously worked in the corporate wellness world as a physiologist for over 20 years. While she’s currently a physical education teacher for children (15 years going strong), she’s also a certified Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Empath who has conducted readings such as those on for over a decade. 
  • Personal Approach: Intuitivelight75 uses the gifts the universe has bestowed upon her to help her clients down the right energetic path. While her advice is honest and thoughtful, she’s not afraid to throw in a little humor here and there. 
  • Rate: $1.99 per minute. 

Guidance by Paula

Background: Paula has 30-plus years of experience in distance and energy healing and spiritual guidance. She’s been blind since birth which she believes has given her a natural gift for seeing more than just physical properties. 

Personal Approach: Paula is all about energy, including clearing negativity in order to free the spirit while making the most of any opportunity that comes across one’s path. She’s patient, honest, compassionate, and understanding so her readings are a calming, healing experience.

Rate: $2.99 per minute. 

Energy Healer Sarah11

  • Background: Sarah inherited her psychic abilities as a young child so she knew she had to do something with these wonderful gifts. With that in mind, it’s no surprise she’s always had a keen interest in the metaphysical and intuitive ways of living. She’s had many experiences connecting with the deceased as well as predicting events before they happen. 
  • Personal Approach: Sarah is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, so she likes to incorporate this craft into all of her readings in order to deepen the energy connection with her client. She’s also a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader, so by using these cards along with Tarot, she can provide straightforward guidance, answers, and clarity. In addition, she relies on her skills as an Intuitive, Clairsentient, and an Empath and to help guide her clients through even the most difficult of challenges. 

“I am a Reiki Master so I am attuned to the distance Reiki symbol,” says Energy Healer Sarah11. “That means that I can send Reiki to someone in a distance session. Because Reiki is a universal energy and because it is intuitive, all we need in a session is intention, intention, intention even if not in person with a client! When I do readings on Keen, I always prepare beforehand with Ghasso prayer which is how I connect to express gratitude to Reiki energy for flowing through me as a conduit of healing and sharing this energy with those who need it. It is my intention to send the Reiki to all of my clients who call or chat with me but only if they are open to receiving it. The Reiki will flow to that person, or not, depending on whether or not they are open to receiving it.” 

  • Rate: $4.44 per minute. 

Christine Pine

  • Background: Christine descends from a long line of psychics and is a third-generation Empath to boot. She’s been providing readings for over ten years and prides herself on providing her clients with successful and accurate information and guidance. While she can assist with all situations, she specializes in matters of the heart.  
  • Personal Approach: Being an Empath allows Christine to easily pick up on her client’s energy and emotions, which in turn helps her provide honest and accurate feedback.  
  • Rate: $2.84 per minute. 
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