What is an Angel Reading?

Angel reading deck of cards

Angels come into our lives to give us signs (symbols, repetitive numbers, flowers, animals), protection, and guidance. We all have at least one angel, but it’s not uncommon to have more. Perhaps you’ve even had an encounter with an angel without realizing it. This is unfortunate because angels can be of great assistance in both good times and bad. To help you strengthen and understand this connection, consider scheduling an angel reading. Unlike tarot, astrology, mediumship, or other practices, angel readings are in a category of their own. Here’s a more detailed overview of this incredibly unique and powerful reading. 

Who Conducts Angel Readings? 

A psychic who provides online angel readings has to possess the specific gift of being an angel communicator, which means they are able to receive an angel’s visions and/or vibratory words. Not only is this advisor capable of seeing and hearing what angels are saying, but they can also make the difference between their own thoughts and the messages coming from an angel. 

How Do Online Angel Readings Work? 

While angel communicators rely on intuition, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizant, and clairvoyance to tune into angels, the key tool is a deck of angel cards — it’s also possible that they’ll incorporate crystals or gemstones. Each card has an image and a word such as “awakening,” “joy,” or “authenticity.” However, unlike tarot cards, the signification of each card isn’t immutable. In short, the meaning of a card when looking at it isn’t necessarily literal. The message(s) depends on your current situation, emotional wellbeing, and questions during an angel card reading. 

  • An angel communicator typically draws six cards  — it’s a number that can provide you with a decent amount of feedback/insight into your issue. The meaning behind the cards will, of course, depend upon your question or intention for the reading. However, the ultimate goal is that you’ll be presented with a solution to help you overcome a challenge or problem. 
  •  It’s important to note that your angel(s) will be guiding you through the reading, so don’t ignore any signs, visions, or feelings you have — your angels know you better than you may know yourself. This is why you really need to be in a good frame of mind when receiving an angel reading. 
  • Again, keep an open mind during your reading. The problem you presented may not be a priority in the eyes of your angels. There may be something deeper going on that they want to recognize and prioritize.

What Can An Angel Reading Do For Me? 

Here’s the thing about your angels: they’re with you all the time! You need not wait for an angel reading to have clarity. All you need to do is have an open mind and heart and ask for help. However, that’s easier said than done. An angel reading can help you with the asking process as well as interpreting the messages from your angel(s). In other words, it’s a more proactive way to seek spiritual guidance from the angels that are with you on a daily basis. 

Online angel readings are great for overcoming roadblocks, personal growth, recognition, and recharging your batteries and because angels are compassionate communicators, their messages are as soft as they are powerful. 

Do you need help connecting with your angels or are you curious about what an angel reading is like? Speak to one of Keen’s expert angel communicators today. 

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