Perspective is Reality

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by Meta-Psychic

On this plane, as humans, we are walking through time in a constant state of now. Along with this ride comes pain, failure, and hardship. We also have as our companions: love, pleasure, nature, and art. These may seem much better to our comfort-oriented selves, but you may see here that the first list is where you discover growth.

Understanding Pain

There are many types of pain in the human experience: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and beyond. Sometimes what manifests as physical pain roots itself in the spiritual, energetic or emotional. It can have many sources. Let it make you strong, not a victim.

Pushing against pain can make it grow. Running from pain can make it deafeningly loud.

Examine pain, view pain, observe pain, breathe into pain and release it. Step back from it and see what it tells/shows you. Investigate the emotions trapped in it, the memories, the relationships, people and ideas. You may discover what holds you back so you can release and grow.

Learning from Failure

Enjoy the challenging fun of problem-solving instead of letting it drag you down. Don’t obsess over what you did wrong. You already did it. There’s nothing you can do to change your choice at that time. Use your “mistakes” as an opportunity for non-judgmental self-reflection. Use errors as an impetus for positive change. In most cases, if you move on, so will the others around you. Admit when you are wrong and move on. No one wants to see you flail. Learning is a life-long process of trial and error that is ever refining.

Expectations and Disappointment

You wouldn’t be disappointed if you didn’t have expectations in the first place. As they say: expectations are planned resentment. And where does that get you? Not very far, ever. If you find that you are disappointed in someone because their actions didn’t meet your expectations, remind yourself that you are not responsible for the choices that other people make.

Reflect on Your Choices

Your life choices may need some reviewing. Consider these ideas:

  • Just because it feels good or looks good in the moment…
  • Just because you desire something…
  • Just because it seems powerful…
  • Just because a connection with someone is strong…
  • Just because you decided it was what you were going to do with your life…

…does not mean it is what you need or that it is good for you now.

Live Life While You Can

Flesh death is inevitable, and really, just a transition in my experience. Live while you are here. Fear gets you literally nowhere. Take advantage of your special unique circumstances while you have them. Make the most of the time you have as that is what life is made of.

Those things which are often perceived as the sources of suffering can be your best guide to self, clarity, agency, love, and freedom when you can observe and learn from them without judgment. Be your own guide and know your own truth.

About the Author:

Smiling psychic

My metaphysical awareness began before memory. My sense of being beyond this physical plane was a given in this moving now. I have practiced, studied, and trained in divination and energetic techniques my whole life for self and universal clarity and healing.

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