How to Read Traditional Playing Cards

A splayed deck of cards on a table, surrounded by candles.

by Cajun Queen

I read Tarot cards for years before discovering I enjoy reading traditional playing cards (Ace-King, four suits) just as much. Now, I use both for spreads, depending on my mood and for what the client is asking.

Understanding the Suits

When I do a reading using playing cards, the suits tell me in what area these meanings fall. For example, the four of clubs tells me that the client is having stability (because of the number 4) in the area of communication because clubs represent communication and mental issues.

There is a helpful book on this subject called Cards of Destiny by Robert Lee Camp. Mr. Camp is quite thorough in his explanations about the playing cards and their history in making decisions – even in the creation of our own calendar of days.

Playing Card Meanings

Let’s go over some more meanings of these traditional cards.

The Aces of all four suits represent a new beginning or the desire for one. The twos show a partnership or a union. Threes tell me that there is worry or stress in the client’s life. Fours mean stability.

Fives show change. Sixes suggest peace in a given situation. And sevens may mean negativity or problems. An example of a reading here is this: a five of hearts lets us know there will be changes in the client’s love life or a close friendship.

Further, eights are cards of success, and nines mean loss or the completion of something. Tens suggest success within larger groups of people. An example of this might be the nine of diamonds. The diamond suit means financial situations, and a nine card shows the loss of; we can assume a financial loss is at hand.

Jacks suggest a higher form of success. Queens are maternal with elements of intuition and success in things involving nurturing. Finally, Kings are masters of their suits. An example of one of these is the king of spades. He is a master of job and health (spades’ meaning). As you see, regular playing cards offer a different view of “card reading” that we might want to incorporate into our talents. I also get quicker answers with this type of deck, so my clients don’t have to wait and pay for excess minutes on chat with me. Happy clients equal happy advisors. Add this inexpensive deck to your arsenal today!

Transitioning to Tarot

A Tarot card deck can be an ominous thing to face when you are new and just starting to use your gifts. Try using the 54 playing card deck, including 2 jokers, to begin with. Get your feet wet with this method of reading and then you’ll likely have more self-trust in your psychic work and can move on to Tarot cards. It’s just an idea. You never know who might benefit from which method of spreads or decks.

About the Author:

Cajun Queen spends her days writing and giving in-depth psychic readings. She is an award-winning author and comes from a long line of gifted, Cajun, psychic women. She reads cards through the accurate and proven Cartomancy method and is an empathetic intuitive. Check out Cajun Queen on today!

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