What is Divine Timing?

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by Miss Josephine

What is Divine Timing, really?  It is the concept that you are exactly where you should be and that everything that happens in your life, happens at exactly the right time.  It is the Universe or a Higher Power manifesting your goals on its own time.  Simply put, it means that we do not control time and we can’t always make things happen on our timetables.  It is very important that we remember that the Universe wants good things for us, and we must trust and keep faith that things will fall into place when the time is right.

Divine Timing of Relationships

“When?”  is one of the most popular questions a psychic is asked!  Especially if the topic is about reuniting loves, relationships developing, or even waiting for true love to enter your life.  It is thrilling, exciting, but sometimes it feels like it will never happen. Stay confident and keep your faith that it will! 

The Higher Power wants good things for you and wants you to be happy. If there is a blockage keeping you from your true love, consider that to coming together at the wrong time may not be a good idea.  If your person of interest needs to learn a life lesson before they connect with you, and that process isn’t allowed to happen, it can cause big problems and heartache.

Fate vs. Free Will

I see the world through both, free will and fate. They walk hand-in-hand. There are moments throughout history that happen exactly when and how a Higher Power deemed they should. But at the same time, we have free will to make our own decisions and choices around these predetermined evets.  As we practice this free will, we must keep in mind that we can only control how we act and react, and we must accept that we can’t control others’ actions and reactions.

You Are In Control

Divine Timing is complicated, and it can bring out feelings of losing control of your life.  Here are suggestions to help you live for now, and still be excited about the future. 

Be Patient

Examine your feelings about being patient.  Patience is very important, can be very difficult to learn, and it seldom comes easily to most of us.  Are you impatient because of the fear of letting go of control?   In order to release control, you must develop strong faith and trust that the Universe will supply you with all that you need, in the time that you need it.  Reflection about your emotions and your need to have desires met quickly can lead you to an increased level of patience. This will allow you to let go of control, and build your faith and trust of Divine Timing.

Let Go of the Past

Let the past go and embrace the future!  Divine Timing lives in that area of possibilities.  You can live there too if you accept that life is always changing.  Do not cling to how things were, open your heart to possibilities of how they can be!

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

When manifesting your desires, pay close to attention to any uncomfortable areas of your life that seem to create strong negative feelings or emotions.  The Universe may be pointing these out to you because this is a time for deep self-examination.  Try not to run away or dismiss these feelings, now is the perfect time to deal with them.  Go carefully and gently through these strong emotions, and if they are too uncomfortable for you to deal with on your own, seek help.  If you choose not to deal with these emotions it can further delay your acceptance of Divine Timing.

While walking your path, be ready to accept new ideas, directions, and maybe even things you have never planned on from Divine Timing. Sometimes the best things in life arrive unplanned, but perhaps the Universe has a plan of its own.

About the Author:

Psychic Miss Josephine

As an Empathic Psychic, Miss Josephine uses her gifts to provide in-depth, personal, and informative readings. Her specialties include Life Questions, Spiritual, and Love and Relationships readings. She loves to help others find their true loves, life purposes, careers, and correct paths for fulfilling and successful happy lives.

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