Rewrite Your Soul Contract

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None of us can go back in time and rewrite the past, no matter how bad we may want to. With the proper guidance, however, we can rewrite our future by amending your soul contract.

What Is a Soul Contract?

Your soul contract was made before you entered this life. Your spirit guide asked you to choose from a plethora of life lessons that you wanted to learn in your next life — lessons that you were unable to master in your previous life. The lessons that you committed yourself to then are what make up your soul contract.

If you have noticed that you seem to encounter the same types of problems over and over no matter what you do, this could be the result of your spiritual attempts to fulfill your soul contract. You are probably not aware of these patterns, or why they exist, which is why consulting a psychic can be particularly helpful.

Amending Your Soul Contract

The true beauty of the soul contract is that it can be amended with the help of a psychic. It can be rewritten to guide you toward new life lessons and experiences that will create new value for your life, rather than continuing to try to teach you the same lessons you have already learned.

When you chose the components of your soul contract, you had no way of knowing how long it would take you to learn what you needed to learn. You may have fulfilled your contract years ago, but because you have not had psychic guidance to amend that contract, you end up just hitting the same frustrating brick wall over and over again. A trained psychic, however, can help you rewrite your soul contract in such a way that these frustrating patterns can be broken for good. Your life can completely change once you renew and revise your purpose in this world.

For example, before you returned to Earth you opted to learn patience, because you had experienced certain problems in your past life with being patient. As you progress through your new life, your patience will be tested again and again, because this is the path you have chosen. You may have not expected to learn to master patience until you were well into your golden years. But let’s say you exceeded your own expectations and learned it much sooner. While this is a wonderful accomplishment, the contract you agreed to is still in effect. So even though you have now learned the life lesson that you committed to learning, you will continue to experience situations that test your patience, making your life far more difficult than it needs to be. These patterns are likely to persist until you consult with a trained psychic who is qualified to help you rewrite your contract and choose new, far more valuable and satisfying pursuits to follow.

Another example might be if you chose to experience heartbreak in this lifetime, because in the past you were always the one breaking hearts. You may have wanted to learn this lesson so you could be humbled and become more compassionate toward other people. But now you have had your heart broken so many times, you don’t think you can bear to go through it again. You have two choices: you can run away from love for the rest of your life, or you can commit yourself to using what you have learned to grow and help others. In the process, you can use the wisdom of a professional psychic to help guide you toward a new, much less agonizing goal. Your psychic will be able to tell if you have truly learned the lesson that you set out to learn, and if you have, he or she can lead you in a more satisfying direction.

The wisdom that your soul acquired in the past has been formulated to guide you in your current quests. You made this choice with confidence and insight, which means that the destiny you have been following has been a wise one. However, one of the most magnificent things about being human is that we have free will. We have the free will to change lanes on the freeway when we realize that the one we originally selected is blocked. We have the free will to change our jobs when we begin to recognize that we are unsatisfied. This does not mean that our original choice of traffic lane or place of employment was erroneous or invalid. It simply means that as we learned more through experience; our needs and desires changed. The exact same principles hold true for rewriting soul contracts. At the time we made the contract, our choices were the best possible ones we could make. But as we progressed through life, and experienced more and more of what life has to offer, our needs began to change.

As our spirits, our minds and our souls evolve, we need to find new ways to grow. Consulting a psychic to help you discover which parts of your soul contract need to be rewritten can be the first step in propelling your life in an entirely new and better direction. Whether you are trying to find love, pull yourself out of a funk, or stop repeating the same old tired patterns that have defined your life, getting a soul contract reading from a qualified psychic could be the very thing your soul has been searching for.

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