The Karmic Load of Your Name

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Not many people know that your name can hold the key to your karma. By consulting a psychic, you can unlock this key and come to know yourself, your dreams, and how to make them come true in every aspect of your life – from career goals to finding love.

Many of us are actually in possession of more than one name. Your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate shows who you were expected to be when you came into this life. We do not choose our birth names; they are chosen for us. They may be names with powerful family associations, such as names chosen from our ancestors; names that the parents feel are beautiful and descriptive; or names that have a special meaning for those bestowing them. Attached to your given name will be the family surname, a strong anchoring force. Later on we accumulate other names, such as married names, professional names and nicknames. These names tend to show the person we are becoming either through our own eyes or the perceptions of others. They also show the path our karma is taking in this life and the expectations we have of ourselves.

Names and Numbers

This complex pattern of names and the deeper truth behind them can be unraveled by a psychic using the technique of numerology. Your psychic will convert the letters of your name to numbers where A represents 1, B is 2, and so on through the 26 letters of the alphabet. Then these numbers will be added together to produce one multiple number, which will further be added together to eventually produce one number. Each number has a different meaning – for example, 1 is considered a leader, but 2 works best in partnership. Your number will give your basic personality traits and the intrinsic qualities that you possessed at birth.

If your name reduces to the number 11 or 22, it will not be reduced further. These are master numbers, higher vibrations of the numbers 2 and 4, and your psychic will explain to you the special karmic load contained in these numbers. The number 11 indicates a soul who is here for humanitarian purposes, while 22 shows a visionary soul with a higher calling. Having these numbers gives you a special destiny especially if they are repeated in the numbers of your birthday, such as if you were born on the 11th or 22nd of any month or were born in November.

While the birth name number can offer so much insight, asking your psychic to reduce your other names can also be illuminating. If you do not use your birth name but a shortened version or a pet name with your surname, they can reduce this to a number that will explain why you have this name. It may be more in keeping with your developed personality or be another clue to the way you handle your karma. For example, your birth name may reduce to 1, but the nickname you prefer to go by may reduce to 2, ultimately showing that you need to balance your leadership qualities with the ability to work with others. Your psychic will explain these differences and what they mean to you.

Changing Your Name

Your reasons for choosing a new name and the name you choose can be very complex. What you may not realize is that the name you choose for yourself offers clues to the way you see yourself, your personal goals and what you perceive to be your karma. If you choose a completely different name (or even of a slightly different spelling) from your birth name, have your psychic reduce and analyze it for you. Perhaps you have decided to use your mother’s maiden name. Have them reduce your mother’s full birth name and yours with her maiden name to find out if this is a wise move, or if you are simply taking her karma on yourself.

A more common name-changing situation is the long-established tradition of women opting to change their names when they marry. Whether you choose to simply inherit your spouse’s surname or create a hyphenated amalgamation with yours, this can completely change the name number you were born with – and with it, your knowledge of yourself. A psychic can help you understand what taking on your betrothed’s family name means to you and your karma and how it will enhance, or obstruct, the things you need to do in this new phase of your life.

Other Facets of Your Life

There are additional ways in which a psychic can examine your name to give a full picture of your karmic load. Your psychic can reduce only the vowels of your name, reducing the numbers to find your soul urge number, or only the consonants to uncover your unrealized dreams. By consulting with a psychic about the different secrets behind your name, you will have powerful tools to live a rich, creative life and best handle your karma.

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