What Is the State of Your Spiritual Economy?

No matter where you turn, you’ve been hearing about the bad economy. This has been blown way out of proportion. Don’t let the bad economic news affect you by causing you to live in fear. Instead, use this time to open up your awareness and prepare for the future. If we look at history, there are always going to be cycles of recession just as there will always be periods of economic growth.

In a way, you can compare what’s going on with the financial economy to your “spiritual economy.” Contemplate the state of your mind, spirit and soul. This is a perfect time to practice not letting fear rule your mind. Take control of your thoughts and separate your emotions from your finances. Separate your emotions from the ups and downs of life as well. This will give you a spiritual edge that will also ultimately give you a financial edge.

It is time to get wise and live wise. This is an opportunity to become a role model and teach the next generation to live wise as well. A look at the housing meltdown reveals how a kink in one’s spiritual integrity can result in bad decisions. Many people bought homes that they could not afford because they turned their “want” for a bigger house into a “need.” Many people did not really need the large house and could have done quite well with a smaller one and not faced foreclosure.

When the economy turns back to normal, which it eventually will, remember to handle your finances wisely and prepare yourself for hard times. Take a lesson from ants. When it is not winter outside, they prepare. They work smart and store up food. When winter comes, they have enough food to last throughout the winter season. We could learn a lot from these simple creatures.

So before you purchase things that you want, make sure that you take care of things that you really do need. Take baby steps and prepare over time. Everyone’s situation is different, but no matter where you are, you can start from somewhere. Start by saving a dollar a month if that is all you have. It may seem worthless, but it will be worthwhile to learn how to save and make financial plans.

Start focusing on ways that you can make things happen in your life, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. In the future, before you take on more credit, a car, a house, etc, make sure that you can truly afford it.

Checking and working on the state of your “spiritual economy” will benefit both your financial and personal well-being.

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