Spirituality, Your Moral Compass

Pondering woman with close-up of two compasses in background

Embracing the moral way of life is one of the hardest things that humans have to face. Stressors and issues that include problems with the boss at work, problems with money, and problems with the family & friendship circles constantly bombard us. We all want to see ourselves as moral and responsible people who work hard and live in the best way that we can, but once in a while we need to reflect back on our lives and have a look at our moral compass.

Have we gone off track? Are we missing a point and are not following what we know to be right?

Humans are very complex creatures and we make mistakes. Often the instincts that have been given to us by nature are creating issues that are going against the moral grain. For example, a woman who has grown an addiction to the emotional state of a new relationship may wish to leave the husband who has been with and supported her for years in order to be free to make connections with new men. These encounters invariably fail, thus leaving the woman alone without either husband or lover. Then there is the man whose lust for money grows so strong that he doesn’t care if he hurts anyone on the way. And here comes the addict who steals from his family to buy drink and drugs.

Often, our issues can take effect on more subtle levels. Resentment and bitterness can build up under our skin for years and years, thus making us powerless over a new instinctive drive to hate and score points against people who, in reality, aren’t our rivals at all.

No matter what the situation, at some point a person may wish to change his or her path by finding a solution to restore morality into life. When people search for a solution to get our moral compass back on track, we often search through many different methodologies. Eventually we come to something that can be roughly or loosely called “spiritual” solutions.

Sometimes a lack of in-depth searching and analysis of what forms the problem leads us to misunderstand the spiritual issue at stake. At other times, during our search for a solution, we may find the wrong one and possibly make the problem worse before making it better. This is, unfortunately, often the human way to enable change and personal growth. But in many cases, if we are persistent in our search, we will find the right spiritual solution to the very real moral issue at the heart of the matter.

Like an amateur metal detector who knows that metal lurks underneath the sand at a beach and who gives up after searching the first 1% of the whole shoreline, those who seek a religious or spiritual solution often give up too soon. Few understand the path to a solution requires commitment and perseverance. Each spiritual and religious school of thought has dozens of different paths and attitudes. The path as promoted by a particular religious guide may not be the one that the seeker needs. It is up to the seeker to find the right path in order to change.

Spirituality can be the means of personal change and not just an adherence to stereotypes or rigid viewpoints. Know that the path of change is out there and that you will need to carry on your search to find it and to find the value of that change for yourself.

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