The True Meaning of 2 of Spades in Cartomancy

2 of spades meaning in cartomancy

Cartomancy and The 2 of Spades

Twos represent fear that comes along with partnerships and relationships. It also expresses the fears that we have when it comes to the material realm of earth. It is the manifestation and desire to attain riches money in the mortal coil — no matter what stands in the way of the querent. And, when one cannot achieve greatness or status, they live a life of scarcity due to the lack of resources.

The two of spades in cartomancy represents the element of air. When we think of this element, we associate communication, expression, and busy-ness. We also need to note the material association with air, as it is responsible for travel, gossip, news, and makes things happen in an  expedient time.

The caveat is that air can also be really cold, harsh, and pushy at times. When you’re walking down the street, and the cost of air blows in your face, sometimes it can knock you over. Lean into that metaphor when you are thinking about the element’s error in terms of cartomancy. It can be turbulent, blunt, and knock you off your feet if you are not paying attention.

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Understanding the Two of Spades

Now, and putting these two suits together, we must note that twos represent different meanings in the different elements. However, since we are focusing on the two of spades, we will only explain the significance of it in this suit.

A good way to comprehend the meaning of this card is to visualize its significance. Think of yourself with the blindfold across your eyes. You were unable to see situations and people clearly, or at all. Therefore, you have to rely on your instincts and your emotions in order to make decisions. It’s gonna be super tricky, especially if you are someone who is more intellectual than intuitive. Understanding what is going on in the outside world when you cannot see and have to rely on your four other senses can be super tricky for a lot of people.

Listening to what people are saying is an amazing way to get through the hardships of situations. Before you respond and interpret circumstances, you should pay attention to the exact words of others. This will allow you to navigate through the situation even if you are not seeing the full story, facts of the matter, and everything else that is necessary to make discerning choices.

More About the 2 of Spades in Cartomancy

Another interpretation of this card correlates to the fact that our minds are filled with more energy than our hearts. An example of this is when we overthink situations or relationships and nausea to the points in which we don’t want to deal with him ever again. What happens here is we are so consumed with the minute facts and details, that we separate our emotions from the situation and have a more austere approach to understanding the smaller picture at hand. (Spades usually see things in a smaller scope than others, as they are hyper focused on the details instead of the big picture).

Two of spades have strong mental powers, but they tend to focus on what others are doing, as opposed to themselves. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their own levers, they are always looking out for what they don’t have in comparison to others. It’s important when pulling this card to realize that you have everything you need to survive within yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side and they might want what you have. Keep your mind and self and check in whenever you pull this card.

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