The Hidden Truth Behind the 7 of Spades

7 of spades card is showcased in grass to represent the meaning of this card

Numerological Meaning of the 7 of Spades

The number seven is known for its spiritual merits in numerology. It is the disconnect between the material and physical world, in which we align ourselves with higher minded sentiments that differ from the mortal coil. In most cases, it serves as a gateway towards accessing one’s intuition and intangible realities like fantasies and desires. Now, as many of us know, Sometimes our intuition may not be 100% correct. Or, we may let our fantasies guide us towards making impulsive or wrong decisions. When discussing the number seven, we always have to raise an eyebrow with suspicion that what we see is not what we are getting. It could mean that we are unable to express our deepest sentiments, which means that they will be repressed within ourselves and long to be seen.

The spades suit in Cartomancy represents the element of air. It is the purest and simplest form of communication, knowledge, and understanding. However, as we know, words can hurt and be misunderstood. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that we are coming from an honest place when discussing matters or our feelings. As stated above, this could be really hard for many people to do. Being upfront is something that can take a lifetime to learn how to do, as it requires bravery to discuss one’s deepest feelings with others.

The 7 of spades in cartomancy is similar to the corresponding interpretation of the 7 of swords in tarot. Unlike the tarot, this card depicts bad advice given to the querent by another as opposed to an outward lie. This card sheds light on the ill advice people give others, because it is primarily based on their own interpretation and personal woes. In order to give someone proper insight into their problems, it is important to take a step back and to base your decision without any bias. Only then can you advise others towards understanding their potential and greatness.

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Alternate Meanings of the 7 of Spades

Another interpretation of this card can show the loss or grief in the situation or relationship. Heartbreak is a real sentiment that this card can represent, which is why it is important to go slowly when it comes to matters of the heart and to think before you leave. Also, watch the words that you state when expressing yourself to others. Don’t jump the gun and say words that can be powerful and harsh. Be kind with the ways in which you express yourself in order to create healthier boundaries. Say what you feel but in a compassionate way.

More importantly, Behind in the ways in which you critique your own self. The way we talk to ourselves can be harsh and mean at times, as we are our own worst critics. But, that doesn’t mean we have to have negative self-talk. Choose to use positive words and affirmations in order to help oneself feel better about themselves.

Addiction and the 7 of Spades

Another interpretation of this card is addiction. The 7 of spades can let us see the inner workings of one’s mind through the intoxication of spirits, drugs, and alcohol. Once we allow things to interfere with the way we are thinking, it can lead us down a muddy path and what we should not express are in ourselves and speak with truthfulness.

As with all addictions — whether it’s with drugs, alcohol, or relationships — Admitting that there is a problem that exists within oneself is the hardest step. This correlates to the card representing lies, deceit, and grief. The hardest thing to do in life is to face oneself, for who we are, flaws and all. However, once we are able to do so, we can transform ourselves and lean into our greatest potential.

We have to be honest with ourselves first. This is the message that the 7 of spades brings to us and wants us to attain in order to be happy. The potential to change is always present, we just have to take the messages of the cards seriously and use it to our advantage.

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