The Suit of Swords focuses heavily on ideas and taking action. It is swift, powerful, and decisive, while deeply involving communication. The Ace of Swords reversed is a revelation that your decisiveness had faltered when you needed it most. It is a shroud of confusion where formerly there was only clarity. The appearance of the reversed Ace of Swords can confirm what you already know or suspect, whether you have made the wrong decision or are actively being deceived. It calls to you to take action by thinking things through, as in your current state living through your obstacles may well harm friend as well as foe. The answers you need are out there, trapped in a fog you are cursed to navigate through blindly. Whether upright or reversed, the sword is a weapon of offense and a sign that passively waiting until things get better is not an option that will bring success. Be assertive and direct with what you seek, and regain control of any situations you have lost. The reversed Ace of Swords can reference unique situations in each individual, but the following are some common interpretations of this insightful card.

Fruitless Communication

One of the more frequently seen interpretations refers to a struggle of communication in an important relationship. Your friend, family member, or partner may ordinarily be respectful of your needs and desires, but in this one issue, your words seemingly fall on deaf ears. In other situations, your own anxiety may keep you from expressing what needs to be said. You take issue with a behavior and begin to tiptoe around the subject instead of being upfront about the problem. In all cases, this is a failure of effective communication that can cause a growing divide in any relationship. Oftentimes you simply need to gather your courage and calmly express your frustrations, focusing more on your own feelings and the effect it has on you as opposed to wagging your finger in chastisement. Not everyone is stubborn or out to cause intentional conflict, but if you encounter those that are, it may be time to move on. Communication is directly tied into the assertiveness of the Suit of Swords. You can no longer allow people to walk over you. The grin and bear it tactic has failed along with your patience and perhaps even your emotional health. Those who reach the end of their rope often rebound by responding aggressively and making a bad situation even worse. Avoid this last stand phenomenon by being assertive now, and letting others know you are no longer a doormat. Not all will respond to your firm and direct communication appropriately, but by doing so respectfully, you have allowed them no excuse when you remove them from your life. Do not fear to make big changes that will make your life happier, healthier, more supportive, and less chaotic.

Progress Struggles

The Ace of Swords reversed can represent obstacles to your goals in life or even your immediate focus. You may find yourself knowing what you want but completely lost with regard to creating a plan to get there. For other people, this may manifest as a block in their usual creativity or a mental struggle to get an assigned work or school project completed. When you sit with pen in hand for hours and nothing comes to mind it is easy to slip down into the dumps, particularly if your income depends on your success. Contrary to popular opinion, a simple break to destress with your favorite hobby can often achieve nothing except expending more of your precious time. Routine rarely provokes new inspirations, so look to novel experiences for the breath of life you need. Go someplace you’ve never been, attempt a new activity, get out of your usual cycle to increase your chances of finding relief. You may end up being surprised at how easily a fresh experience gets your creative juices flowing.

Remaining On Guard

When all appears to be going so well, the Ace of Swords in the reversed position is a warning to do a double take. Trust your gut when you get the vibe that a particular person or situation is untrustworthy. Things may not be what they seem at all, and you may realize that this moment of perfection is little more than an illusion. Perhaps you have been the victim of a scam or are being manipulated by someone close to you. It is now that you will discover that when not clearing the path ahead of you, you must use your sword to guard your own back. As much as we wish to believe in the good of others, unsavory people and ulterior motives do exist. There is no need to be paranoid that there is a snake lurking under every stone but beware of the signs that something is too good to be true. In the event you discover the source of your worries, avoid taking hostile or spiteful actions against the perpetrator. Do your utmost to be the bigger person by demonstrating your self-control instead of sinking down to their level. The Suit of Swords is a powerful suit, but the reversed Ace of Swords can be the result of feelings of powerlessness. The chaos of confusion and indecisiveness is difficult but not impossible to deal with. If you are faced with this card, take heart as you are now armed with the best defense against your current predicament: Knowledge. Do not give up after struggling to find the answers or relief you seek. Remember that, despite how it feels, such problems are but a fleeting moment in comparison to the time when everything is going well. Strive to be assertive and clear in all you do and say, to avoid allowing underlying issues to fester. The appearance of the Ace of Swords reversed can have personal meaning to your life that is best discovered and explained by those blessed with a gift of interpretation. For a reading that is uniquely in tune to your needs, consider a live online tarot reading by one of our many experienced tarot readers.

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