The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card


Are the details of life dragging you down? Are finances and possessions overtaking your consciousness? Is there a new person in your life who flaunts his or her wealth but is incapable of sharing any of it? The material world’s crushing weight will be revealed when one of the heaviest tarot cards in the deck is turned over in your reading: The Knight of Pentacles.

The tarot deck has four suits (Pentacles, Swords, Cups, and Wands) that each represent a deep archetype that rules over our lives and motivates us in our everyday endeavors. Each suit has a King, Queen, Knight, and a Page. The court cards represent personalities that we encounter in our lives who thoroughly embody one of the suits. Pages represent the suit’s youthful energy, Knights a guardian and delivery; a Queen is a suit at its humanitarian best; a King is an embodiment of using a particular archetype to lead and rule.

Let’s take a closer look at the somewhat complicated Knight of Pentacles tarot card in different tarot spread positions. 

Knight of Pentacles Meaning 

While the card’s positioning affects its meaning, in general, The Knight of Pentacles can be described as persistent, loyal, responsible, ambitious, stubborn, hard-working, tenacious, goal-oriented, defensive, protective, environmentally conscious, and one with nature. 

Knight of Pentacles Positioning 

A tarot reading is divided into three sections: your past, your present, and your future. Where a card lands in a spread tells a story of a distinct chapter in your life.


When The Upright Knight of Pentacles card appears during your tarot reading, it is an indicator that you are working methodically towards achieving your goals. Not quickly, but slow and steady wins the race in this case. You’re committed to the task(s) at hand, so seeing this card is a sign to keep on doing what you’re doing, and over time, you’ll achieve your goals — even if life seems repetitive and mundane at times. 


When The Reversed Knight of Pentacles shows up in a reading, the traits that were once positive in the upright position are now going south. You may feel stuck in your routine, completely bored and uninspired by everything and everyone around you, and are in dire need of a change of scenery. The reversed card could also mean that you’ve not been putting enough attention to serious aspects of your life related to finances or personal issues — including relationships.  

Past Position 

When The Knight of Pentacles is in the past position in your reading, you probably have roots in a friendly, safe, and stable upbringing. Suppose The Knight of Pentacles in this position emphasizes the recent past instead of your more in-depth development. In that case, you are probably coming into a restless period after having had months or years of stability.

Present Position 

In the present position, The Knight of Pentacles signals that you may be bored amidst all of your contentment. There is a tendency not to appreciate the things that keep us comfortable. The Knight is on a black horse, showing that we lose sight of respecting a person who is providing for us. Is a generous man taking care of you while you flirt with or fantasize about other possible lovers? Is there a Knight of Pentacles love interest? The combination of boredom and material comfort that this card provides is a recipe for a restless mind and spirit to find trouble. 

Future Position 

This position in your reading for The Knight of Pentacles is the most desirable. Look out for a well-to-do person to assist in ridding your life of the uncertainty that current financial instability has caused. The Knight of Pentacles is genuinely your “knight in shining armor” when he resides in your reading’s future position. 

Knight of Pentacles Card Combinations 

Look for individual cards to have meaning added in your reading as they interact with the other cards that are dealt. Your Tarot reading is a group of cards, not an individual litany of static meanings.

More Negative Cards in the Same Suit

When The Knight of Pentacles is present with some of the more negative cards from this suit, the bad energy is minimized. This is especially true for The Two of Pentacles card, where your indecision will be assisted by the presence of a benefactor, and The Five of Pentacles, where your troubles with money will manifest more as neuroses rather than an actual harmful situation.

The High Priestess Card

When paired with The High Priestess card, look for your financial situation to become dependent on a mysterious person who behaves unpredictably. It’s possible that this was someone who has always been in your life but you never realized it. Or, you could become a victim of a scam so pay attention and don’t let any vital deals fall to the wayside. 

The Judgement Card

The Judgment card brings forth more permanent stability, but at the cost of some freedom of expression. What can you do to find a happy medium in such a situation? Remember, you always have the power to control your destiny. 

Moon or Sun Cards

While the presence of The Moon card exacerbates your boredom, The Sun card will see you finding your true calling during this peaceful time of your life. Journaling can help you become more in tune with your life path, so get out that paper and pen!

The Tower Card

The Knight of Pentacles will be there when you need him if The Tower card is present in your tarot reading. A calamity will be solved when someone shows up to purchase something you need to sell to pay the bills. Tag sale anyone? 

The Hermit Card

The Hermit pairing up with The Knight of Pentacles indicates that you will find the money to pay for an extended educational opportunity. It won’t necessarily fall in your lap so keep your eyes open. 

The Justice Card

Justice is a card that pairs well with The Knight of Pentacles if you are litigating or seeking an insurance settlement. Look for the financial side of things to improve significantly in your favor. 

The Fool Card

The card that works best with The Knight of Pentacles is The Fool. You may have access to the financial support of someone. Still, showing that the material plane is of less importance to you, this combination allows you to control your dependence on this generous person instead of becoming a servant to Knight’s wealth.

Court Cards

When two court cards appear in a reading, a conversation begins. It is a discussion of how an archetype works with, or clashes against, another. This discussion often represents two people in your life and their influence on you, but the court card combination can easily represent you and another person.

The Knight of Pentacles combines well with most court cards. He is likely represents a stable person in your life and balances someone like The Queen of Swords who is passionate about ideas. The Knight heals you when you are troubled by emotions like The Page of Cups. Or, he supports you to balance your interest in The Knight of Wands, who is quite creative and artistic but may always be broke. When such court card combinations appear in your reading, the tarot is giving you a powerful analytic tool to see where you stand developmentally between these two points.

Interested In Exploring More Tarot In The Suit of Pentacles? 

The Knight of Pentacles is just one of the cards in the entire suit — and the entire card deck, for that matter, so why not explore tarot further with a reading from one of Keen’s professional tarot advisors? There’s no need to be nervous. It’s important to note that tarot card future predictions are not set in stone — this concept scares people as they may not want to know what the future holds. Readings are meant to be taken positively so that your spread can be used as a guide to help you improve certain aspects of your life. So, even if you hear something a bit unsettling, take the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat. Only you’re in charge of your destiny!

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