The Empress – Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

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Meet The Empress from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron. She is the third archetype to greet our hero, The Fool, and one of the strongest characters in any tarot deck. There is nothing passive about this particular Empress. It is abundantly clear from her flowing hair, long red coat, spiked knee-high boots, stage makeup, shield, and whip, that this lady means business. This is the strongest Empress image I’ve ever seen, and she reminds me of a lion tamer. Maybe she is the Ringmaster.

There is no throne for this Empress; she has chosen to sit solidly on the earth from which she draws her strength and which she has chosen to protect. The pentacle on her left lapel hints that she feels a strong connection with Yin, The High Priestess. The fierce spikes on her chest and feet are there to protect herself and those she loves. She alone holds the chain attached to the collar around her neck, a reminder that each of us is responsible for our own freedom.

The number of The Empress is Three, her element is Earth, her direction is North, and she is ruled by the planet Venus. Her color is the vivid yellow of her shield. She is the archetypal Earth Mother, a powerful creative force and a source of strength and well-being. I am a huge fan of The Empress and was delighted when my daughter suggested I include her in my reading name on Keen. 

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Graham Cameron has this to say about her: 

Welcome to the Garden of Creation. Meet the Empress, the most powerful female of the stage. A competitive Woman, the Empress holds the power to dominate. Her power lies in intelligence and a direct awareness. She is a woman of the world. Upon her shield is the eagle symbolizing a domineering person.

Elegance, splendor, and sensuality are her characteristics. The Empress knows how to fertilize the garden of our lives. She gives birth to our heart’s desire. She views all creatures of this world as her children. The Empress is a goddess whose sole motivation is love.

In Jane Lyle’s book, “The Secret Tarot,” she writes:

The Empress is the embodiment of life itself. When such a vibrant image materializes in a reading it is especially important to examine the context in which it appears, for in the real world The Empress represents the many faces of creativity and fertility. The impulse to create something life-enhancing is signified by this card and such inner vitality may express itself in numerous ways.

In the upright position, The Empress represents nurture, kisses and hugs, maternal care, compassion, protection, self-worth, confidence, abundance, kindness, stability, feminine dominance, and creativity.

In the reversed position, The Empress denotes financial issues, vanity, domestic problems, stagnation, tyranny over weaker beings, someone who is easily offended, negativity, cruelty, and lack of confidence.


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