Two of Swords Reversed Tarot Card


The Two of Swords reversed represents being caught between two opposing sides and the need to make a decision. And thanks to the blindfold, you are flying blind at the moment as well. This usually leads to feeling stressed and worried. But the time has come for you to make your choice and move forward. If you have recently seen the Two of Swords appear reversed in a tarot card reading, here is a closer look at some interpretations that may apply to your current situation.

Unable to Decide

Right now, you are facing a difficult decision and the Two of Swords reversed shows that you are struggling with what you should do about it. It feels as though in this case, there is no “right” option because both choices may come with undesirable consequences. You may also feel as though you don’t have all of the information you need in order to make this decision. Take a look at the information you do have available and use it as your guide.

Your indecision is only making things harder for you. When facing a difficult decision, the best choice is usually to trust your own intuition. You will be able to face the challenges ahead when the time comes.


The Two of Swords reversed can represent a stalemate between yourself and someone close to you. Whatever the cause may be, you are stuck in the middle of this drama because you are blinded by your own perspective. Try to remove yourself and your emotions from the situation. Instead, take a look at things from a new perspective. Consider the other person’s point of view. The insight you will gain from this can help you find the common ground and room for compromise you will need to get through this tough situation.


When the Two of Swords reversed appears, you may find yourself trapped between two opposing sides. Being caught in the middle is never a fun place to be. You likely feel the need to play the role of peacemaker to help bring the conflict to an end. But despite your best efforts, things just are not improving. In fact, they seem to be getting even worse. Unless you are sure that you can help both sides find peace with one another, it may be time to take a step back and let this one go. This is not your problem to deal with.

Making Progress

You have been living your life in a state of limbo. You have been ready to move forward, but up until now the timing has not been right. Now it is finally time to start making progress towards what you want to do. Just be mindful to maintain the careful balance between your own needs and the needs of the world around you.

Discovering the Truth

When reversed, the Two of Swords may represent that your blindfold has recently been ripped off harshly. You have been living a lie, believing that everything is fine. But now that you have seen things clearly, everything has changed. You are understandably shocked by this new discovery. It may be hard to face, but now that you know the trust, you can start to heal and move on.


In a relationship reading, the Two of Swords reversed indicates that you need to make a decision regarding your relationship. Your hesitance to face this hard decision is causing you to pull away from your significant other. Do not allow your anxiety to create more problems between you. It is time to deal with things head on rather than endangering the health of your relationship any further.

If you are currently single, this card can represent your anxiety about dating. Putting yourself “out there” is hard – especially if you have been away from the dating scene for a while or had a tough breakup. Take it slow, but don’t be afraid put yourself out there. You will get more comfortable with dating and opening yourself to others with a little practice.


The reversed Two of Swords can represent a variety of problem in the workplace. It may refer to a conflict with one of your coworkers. Or you may be facing a string of problems and significant delays. You may be able to identify the source of your problems now and address it appropriately.

This may also be a reminder to consider the ideas of your coworkers. Because of personal bias, it is easy to think that your own ideas are always the best choice. But you need to be able to work with your coworkers as a team. This means that you must consider their ideas as well. You may be surprised to find that their ideas can lead to positive results you had not previously considered.

Money Matters

The Two of Swords reversed can represent the struggle between your wants and financial responsibility. This struggle has caused you trouble before, but you are starting to realize that you need to take action in order to correct this. Once you have reached this realization, you can start taking the first steps towards improving things. Find ways to cut your costs and set aside more money in savings.

Talk to a financial psychic for insights about your unique situation.


If the Two of Swords appears reversed in your online tarot card reading, it may indicate a struggle with your mind and emotions. Anxiety and stress can cause many problems for you physically. You need to address your worries in order to start feeling better once again.

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