The Two of Pentacles Tarot Card


Are you having a good time these days? Are you busy doing the things that you enjoy? Do your friends marvel at your ability to multitask, an ability that you take for granted? Look for the Two of Pentacles to appear in your Tarot reading if your busy life’s exciting schedule has room for you to sit down with a Tarot reader. The Two of Pentacles is the card that assures you that your many interests add up to one satisfying life path.

A man stands before us with two golden pentacles in his hands. These large discs are bound by what appears to be a rubber band but is more likely a felt strap sewn together as a circle. The strap crosses itself in equal divisions, forming a lemniscate (also known as the “infinity” sign represented as ∞). The man has raised a foot and is staring at one of his hands, his head tilted. He is wearing an unfashionably funny hat. He stands on firm gray ground under a cloudless light blue sky, but the sea is behind him and there are waves rocking in exaggerated patterns, lifting up two ships to unnatural angles.

The solid gray ground is quite important in this card, because the precarious nature of this man’s actions, along with his odd choice of headwear and a somewhat random strapping together of his pentacles. The ground on which he stands is firm, solid and untarnished. This is an indication that he can go about his antics as much as he pleases, that he is acting with a strong foundation, especially in contrast to the chaos in the world out there behind him. In fact, considering the tumult of the ships at sea depicted in this card, the mysterious dance and juggle of this man are almost life affirming in their own offbeat way. The hat is often depicted as extending way above the man’s head depending on which Tarot card deck is being used; it symbolizes intuition and going beyond the knowledge of the brain and tapping into a universal consciousness while still keeping this energy near and accessible to one’s own mind. The band around the discs represents infinity and as Pentacles represent wealth and the material world, this is a metaphor for a constant reinvestment of one’s life gains into one’s passions.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

Every Tarot reading is divided into sections representing the past, present and future … yours! Cards in one position change meaning subtly when they are in a different position. When the Two of Pentacles is in the past position, you had a non-traditional childhood, or in the more recent past you have been involved in a wide range of fun and profitable activities that depart greatly from the straight and narrow path society seems to demand.

When the Two of Pentacles is in the present position, you are sailing along with so many projects and interests that you don’t have time to be miserable or look back on life with regrets. This is a great position for this card because it affirms the energy you are putting into non-traditional efforts is magically balancing with the demands of the real world on your time and money.

The Two of Pentacles in the future position is a powerful card. It is the Tarot’s way of letting you know that the solutions to your situation are going to be arrived at by following your hunches and listening to your body. Trust your instincts and carry happiness with you instead of searching for it before setting out on the journey called life. This card in this position is the ultimate admonition to be yourself, to go for it.

Card Combinations

A Tarot reading contains many cards because each one influences the other and allows an individual to get a unique reading as the cards compose a one-of-a-kind combination for you at the very moment they are laid out.

The Two of Pentacles is a subordinate of a pair of Major Arcana cards in the Tarot bearing the Number 2: The High Priestess (card #2) and The Hanged Man (card #12). The Two of Pentacles carries the intuition of The High Priestess and the nonconformity of The Hanged Man. These specific traits are emphasized when either of these Major Arcana cards accompany the Two of Pentacles in your reading.

When The Hermit card is present, you are in isolation as you create your productive juggling act. With the Page of Swords, you are not afraid to show off a bit and mock those stuck on an ordinary life’s path. The Two of Pentacles has a “court jester” aspect to it and speaks truth to power, but there is great conflict when The Hierophant card shows up in your reading. This is a classic battle of control versus freedom. It shows up in many readings involving parents exerting control over their children or lovers quarreling over how much freedom is to be allowed in a relationship and other dynamic disagreements in life involving these themes.

When the Judgment card is in a reading with the Two of Pentacles, you manage to impress a very important person with a recent accomplishment. Often that person can be you, and the breakthrough will lead to a newfound level of self-respect.

Other cards with the number 2 in them balance out this card in your reading. The Two of Swords adds a cerebral side to this card and makes you even less likely to stake out a traditional position on any pressing matters of the day. The Two of Cups paired with the Two of Pentacles confirms that a soulmate is in your midst. The Two of Wands challenges you to find a creative outlet for all of your eccentric behavior.

When The Magician card is in your reading with the Two of Pentacles, please note that both of these cards carry the lemniscate with them. The Magician’s infinity symbol is illustrated as floating over his head – symbolic and powerful; the Two of Pentacles is constructed out of material, but the presence of infinite willpower reminds you that the path you want to be on is a path that you can be on. Don’t just dream it … be it!

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