King of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


The reversed king of wands is pushy and makes rash decisions. While he may be overbearing, this is generally done out of a need to take control rather than ill will. But if you meet him when he is at his worst, you could find him to be the prime example of selfishness, ruthlessness, and manipulation. Be careful with this king’s fire, as it can prove to be a quite destructive force.

Personal Life

The appearance of the king of wands reversed in a tarot reading may indicate a great internal conflict between your expectations and reality. You may find that you are setting your expectations far too high. Creating unrealistic expectations can lead to a great number of problems in your life. Perhaps you feel like a failure because you have not been able to achieve these lofty goals. Or maybe the process is taking much longer than you ever anticipated, making you feel frustrated about your slow progress. There may be someone in your life who is holding you back from achieving your goals. Or you may be pushing your unrealistic expectations off onto others as well. Take a step back to re-evaluate your goals and expectations. Pursuing an achievable goal will carry you further than aiming blindly at something that is far outside of your reach.


The king of wands reversed is a warning sign about an impending health concern. Overworking yourself can lead to a major burnout. Avoid high levels of stress, which can wreak havoc on your immune system.  It is important to take the time to pay attention to your health. Take a break now and then for your physical and mental well being. Find ways to relax and de-stress to improve your overall health.


When dealing with relationships, the reversed kiwewng of wands is not a good sign. This card indicates high levels of immaturity and fear of commitment. These issues can lead to serious problems or even end an otherwise happily progressing relationship.

This card may also indicate that your romantic interest is aware of you and shares a mutual interest, but is unwilling to make a move. If you want to see anything come of the relationship, it will be up to you to pursue it. But you must do so with care – if you come on too strongly, he will back off despite being interested as well. In order to keep him intrigued, try to present yourself as being fun and independent.

In an established relationship, the reversed king of wands can be a sign of an unhealthy balance in the couple. Usually this is in reference to a struggle for dominance, with one partner using intimidation to take complete control of the relationship. Failure to adhere to this authority can result in additional threats and arguments.


The reversed king of wands may serve as the representation of a highly troublesome person at work. He is impulsive and incompetent – making failure a guarantee. Any “successes” from these reckless endeavors are just a momentary stroke of good luck. Finding true success will depend on developing a disciplined plan that is focused on the future.

This card can also represent someone who is burned out with their current job. Being trapped in a rut leads to anger and irritability – much like a caged animal. While he may have once been a leader, he has grown tired of being in charge and would rather quietly follow someone else. Overcoming this burn out requires a significant change of pace. It may be time to move on to another career or position.


If you see the king of wands reversed, it might mean that your financial situation is not the best. Avoid any impulsive investments at this time. This is especially important if they involve significant amounts of money. This card suggests that you are currently lacking information that could significantly impact your decisions. Seek professional financial guidance for greater clarity.

Moving Forward

Seeing the reversed king of wands is never a good sign. It is a sure indication of trouble at hand. The only question is whether it represents a small problem or a major obstacle in your way. In either case, the best course of action is to focus on yourself. Work steadily towards achieving a few attainable goals. Looking back, you will be impressed to see how far you have come.

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