Six of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


The suit of Pentacles focuses heavily on wealth and all material things you can hold in your hands. In the case of the reversed Six of Pentacles, the card’s appearance often points out some unfairness or lack of balance within your life, often with regard to your money or possessions. This lack of balance is not always a result of your own actions, and can equally present itself as a warning about those seeking to swindle or deceive you out of your possessions. The reversed Six of Pentacles is a card of extremes, directly countering the even-handed approach that its upright counterpart displays. Whether you are tight-fisted in greed or naive in your generosity, changes must be made. Now is the time to review your relationship with your money and other material things and bring it back into balance either through charity or a more discerning eye. There are no definites in the cards as the reason for its appearance will differ from person to person, but common interpretations will be reviewed below.

Charity And Credulousness

The Six of Pentacles in the reversed position often points to a case of charity or lack thereof. Perhaps you are readily giving to those in need, so much so that family and friends make a beeline to your door at the slightest monetary inconvenience they might face. While it is commendable to be so generous, you must be on your guard for those who seek to manipulate you, or use your guaranteed generosity to avoid patching their own problems. Ask questions and check out claims completely to avoid being scammed. If those who would benefit from your charity are defensive about questions, it may be time to seriously reconsider. On the other side of this situation, it may be you who is acting in selfishness and greed. No one has a right to things earned by your hard work, but charity can bring many blessings upon the giver while making a significant impact on the life of a person in need. Consider sharing some of your good fortune for you never know when you will be the person in need.

Re-balancing Relationships

In line with the overall theme of extremes, the reversed Six of Pentacles may be shining a light on some concerning relationship issues. These problems are frequently borne of a lack of the respect and teamwork necessary for a relationship to thrive. Intimate relationships, and especially marriages, are built from the ground up on unity and working as one. When one partner feels as if they are doing all the work, things can get very rocky. Worst still is when the perception of doing more translates into a feeling of entitlement to having more. The innocent desire to be respected for hard work can morph into an abusive and controlling situation that is poisonous to love and emotional health. Finding the balance again can be difficult and will take some heartfelt reflection and communication, but the end result will always be worth it.

Worth And Working

Your worth may be subjective to others, but it is a very real and tangible thing to you. The feeling of not being valued for who you are or what you have been accomplished can be a depressing feeling. You may have expressed a desire for a newly opened higher position or even a raise after several years of dedication and hard work. Facing denial and unfair compensation is reasonably upsetting, but do not allow it to drive you to extremes as well. If there are better career options available elsewhere, shoot for it, but do not throw away all your hard work in a fit of rage or spitefulness. Consider all of your options carefully and make decisions you can live with the consequences of. Other problems that may be referenced by this card include you giving far too much of yourself to your career without adequate compensation. Your family may indirectly suffer as your priorities are in the wrong place and focused on pleasing someone who has no intention of rewarding you for your efforts. A work-life balance is important, and while you may choose to downplay its importance when single, avoid harming your loved ones when you are part of a family.

The Six of Pentacles reversed is a card of warning above all else. If this card appears, something in your life likely lacks the harmony and ultimate balance it was meant to have. Whether pointing out the devious ulterior motives of those around offering help, or your own struggles with avarice, it is time for true reflection on your current situation as a whole. Do not get too caught up fixating on a connection to money issues, as the reversed Six of Pentacles can just as easily apply to any source of extremes in your life. For those in a position of strength, fight against the view that you are losing things by making changes. Instead, understand that you are gaining humility, self-discipline, and displaying genuine care to those around you who are affected by the change. As with all big changes, knowledgeable guidance can be helpful to prevent you from being overwhelmed and to keep you on the right path. Consider a live online tarot card reading to get the experienced guidance you deserve and a reading that is uniquely in-tune to you.

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