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The Empress Tarot Card


Have you been on a lucky streak lately? Perhaps you’ve unexpectedly been immersed in art, music, or other indulgences that expand the mind and soul? Are you racking up the credit card bills from one too many shopping sprees? It sounds like you’ve been affected by the Midas touch of The Empress. This card sits on the precipice of sharing the wealth and being too spoiled to think about others. While the mighty scepter is a symbol of royal power throughout history, hers is a mere bauble, as if the power of her position is yet another trinket. 

The crown of twelve stars represents the twelve signs of the zodiac and her mastery over anyone of any sign, a power of seduction. If someone were to break her heart, she would use a shield to deflect the hurt so she could find another man of her dreams. The wheat at her feet indicates that the basic needs in life are taken care of. The things most people struggle with are not a concern for The Empress. She can be immersed in the good life while most other people are busy earning a living.

While all of this may sound like the dramatic plot surrounding a tragic romance novel, there’s a real-life significance attached. So, before you experience too much of a good thing, here’s everything you need to know about The Empress Card, depending on where it falls in your spread. 

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning 

The Empress is a mother, a creator, and a nurturer. She can represent many things, including romance, business, art, or the creation of life — which is why she’s often depicted as pregnant on the colorful tarot card picture. But it’s not necessarily human life she’s giving birth to. Instead, an idea that has yet to come to life is a positive aspect of The Empress’s meaning.

When you can treat yourself to the good life and nice things, your inner-Empress is in charge. Expect to see the number three card in your Tarot reading at times when your desires are guiding you to conquer old mental and emotional blocks — this is when The Empress has feelings.

The Empress card may represent someone else in your reading, indicating the chance that a buyer has materialized for something you want to sell. Are you looking to part with some valuable property? If The Empress represents you in your Tarot reading, you are enjoying the power to choose what is right for you and to buy it.

The Empress Card Positioning 

The Empress Upright 

As you may have already guessed, The Empress symbolizes femininity, which embodies nurturing, fertility, sensuality, elegance, and creative expression — all of which create a balance between women and men. With that said, all sexes can receive this card in a spread. It serves as an inspiration to connect with your senses and create and find the beauty in life. Perhaps you want to take up a new hobby, treat yourself to a spa day, indulge in an expensive meal — anything that allows you to tap into a different part of yourself.

Materialism and life’s abundance aside, The Empress also encourages you to let the grounding energy of nature into your heart, mind, and soul so you can achieve a greater sense of spirituality. Lastly, while The Empress can suggest that there’s a baby on the way, the birth could be symbolic, meaning you’re giving light to a new business, project, or goal. 

The Empress Reversed 

When reversed, The Empress encourages you to prioritize self-care and self-love. This isn’t about retail therapy or dropping half your paycheck for a fine dining experience. Instead, it’s about accepting yourself for who you are — even if you have a few body issues. Make an effort to book activities that nurture your soul, such as taking a walk in nature, planning a trip with friends, or a Sunday dinner with family — whatever it takes to fill your cup. Don’t forget about crucial self-care staples such as exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep, and making time to do something by yourself that pleases you. If you’re feeling a creative block, all of the tips mentioned above can help you relax and give birth to that next big idea that will bring you even more joy and happiness.

On the flip side, The Reversed Empress could mean you’re being a bit too overprotective or “mothering” in your relationships — and we’re not just talking about kids. This is a sign that you need to create independence, trust, and compassion with those in your life regardless of age. 

Past Position  

When The Empress appears in the past position, you’ve faced some diva-like behavior in the recent past that has caused turmoil in your relationships. If things are not too chaotic at the moment, this card represents coming from a background of being taken care of by your family. 

Present Position 

If The Empress card occupies the present position, you are likely in a great mood, perhaps even satisfied with life to the point that you wonder if there may be something you should be doing. Is boredom setting in? Is your Tarot reading just another diversion like a day at the beach or a weekend in Las Vegas? There is a superficial streak running through The Empress card, and you may be enjoying the casual glow of a glittery partnership instead of a deep and committed love that would ultimately satisfy you.

Future Position 

The Empress card foretells good things when landing in the future position. When the future holds as much promise as The Empress represents, you can know that a symbol of hope is becoming more real with each passing day. The card here can be an indicator of becoming wealthy or finding a person who loves and appreciates you as their definition of beauty. The former is true if your reading has been fixated with economic and career questions. The latter is true if you sat down for a soulmate reading.

The Empress Card Combinations 

Each card in your tarot reading informs and influences other cards, so they are simultaneously under their spell. The circle of influences assures you are receiving a unique tarot reading that is as individual as it is unrepeatable.

The Empress’s core attributes can be found in the Minor Arcana cards with the number 3: 

  • The Three of Wands exemplifies the material success enjoyed by The Empress.
  • The Three of Swords underscores the constant alienation that her obliviousness creates. 
  •  The Three of Cups shows that her nurturing of relationships can find a healthy outlet if she forgoes selfishness and works to enrich the aspirations of those around her. 
  • The Three of Pentacles is the teamwork card, reminding us that The Empress is where she is through others’ efforts beyond just herself.

The Empress and The Emperor

For a woman receiving a reading, The Empress card represents her relationship with other cards. When paired with The Emperor card, your relationship with your father or a lover becomes the subject of the entire reading. 

The Empress and The Devil

When The Empress is in a reading with The Devil card, you will be oblivious to some hurt you cause a person. This will lead to a situation where the person seeks revenge. The closer these two cards are in your reading, the more you are advised to avoid gossiping and casual dismissals of others’ efforts.

The Empress and Death

Death alongside The Empress means a longtime relationship will end because of a perceived grievance you have delivered to the other person. So much of The Empress card revolves around not realizing the effect you have on others to the point where you’ve lost touch with just about everything. Death is numbered 13 in the tarot, a higher echo of the number 3 held by The Empress. Both of these cards signal detachment. Death has no relationship to what came before or what will come after; it merely moves through with impunity, ending one chapter before another begins. The Empress is detached from having to worry about day-to-day affairs. She can get by on her looks and coast on her money, and she usually does.

The Empress and The Hermit

A pairing with The Hermit card indicates a woman who is alone because she has not developed enough skills to succeed in life when her youthful beauty begins to fade.

Interested In Exploring More Major Arcana Cards In Tarot? 

Each card of the Major Arcana represents a strong archetype, such as love, hope, deity, tradition, life, etc. These cards can also represent individuals and guides that play significant roles in our lives. This group of cards represents the pivotal events of our lives, and as such, they carry more individual weight in tarot than the Minor Arcana. Book a session with one of our professional advisors here at Keen to see what The Empress and the other Major and Minor Arcana cards reveal in your spread.  

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