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Your pet might be your closest connection to the psychic realm. In centuries past, psychics communicated with an animal in order to divine information about a coming event. This special pet was called a “familiar.” A psychic’s familiar might have premonitions of doom. According to legend, the leading occultists of Lisbon, Portugal all quickly fled the thriving port city prior to the great quake of 1755. Familiars were said to have blocked their masters from the docks of the city, aware of the coming post-quake tsunami that would strike the city a mere hour after the deadly quake.

One cat let a psychic know that the queen of his country needed a reading. The psychic set out to the castle, his familiar up ahead ascertaining just who could be bribed to get him into the royal court. Once there, he sensed a murder plot and told the details to her highness. Through the help of his familiar, a kingdom’s royal dynasty was saved.

Familiars just as often delivered good news. The town gossips had wondered aloud how one village’s astrologer was able to study the stars with no visible income. Years earlier, this astrologer’s familiar had let her know where on a nearby beach a pirate had buried his chest of gold. Suffice it to say, that pet ate better than most of the villagers as a reward, although the little animal thought it was hilarious that people would trade good food for those shiny gold coins in the buried chest.

As you gaze into your pet’s eyes, you may want to feel a connection to some psychic vision the two of you can share. You cannot psychically train your animal. A psychic connection to your pet is more like having an extra layer of intuition.

Wanting your pet to make this psychic connection is not something that happens with a simple demand. As much love as you have for your pet, the bonds of friendship, time and meditative listening will bring you closer to a psychic connection with your pet than simply staring at your sweet fur ball’s face.

Here are some ways to connect with your cat, dog, horse, rabbit or hamster.


Hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice and guinea pigs are adorable. They are also great conduits of psychic love energy. If you have hamsters in their cage while having a party with friends over, the vibe you get from a cute new acquaintance is amplified by the big psychic energy of these pets. Rodents live to procreate and are adept at knowing when there is a pair that is ripe to get together for sexual exploration. When you are attracted to someone quite intensely, the presence of a pet rodent causes the barriers to your subconscious desires to be ripped away — and you two will be ripping off each other’s clothes after the party lights have dimmed.


Much like rodents, rabbits have a strong psychic connection to sexual activity. However, rabbits make a connection with the humans who feed and care for them on a level that favors monogamy material. Rabbits send energy to their caretakers when there is a potential mate who will more likely be a faithful lover. While rodents give off the hot and heavy energy that a booty call dream delivers, rabbits make you feel best about a partner with whom you can truly fall in love.


Horses have amazing abilities to predict career opportunities. A meditative horse ride can put you in touch with a horse’s ability to sort out your best moves at work and investing. Don’t think about love or family on a horse ride. Mull over your work situation, your investment portfolio or other opportunities involving making your money and time work for you. Later on, after your ride, thinking about your work situation and other finances will have a clarity that you may have lacked before. Thanks to your riding companion’s abilities to put the best career choices at the forefront of your intuition, you will have a clearer path ahead.

Cats & Dogs

The most domesticated animals are our closest friends for a reason. They have the most psychic connections with humans of any animals. Your pet is often more psychically connected to you than a lover, family member or close friend. Forget the times they are barking, purring or howling. These are moments of their own animal ecstasy, a sense of self that human beings will just never know. Much as your pet will never know the joy of crocheting or playing video games, you can never make the connection to the sheer animal rituals of each species.

When you are in a calm mood and receiving mode, your pet may assist in your third eye opening into a glimpse of the future. We all have gut feelings. Your connection to your pet will give you a second gut feeling. Much like checking with a different doctor for a second opinion, your dog or cat’s added assurances about the hunches you have is one of the most blessed of psychic connections you will ever experience with another being. Learn to spot the feeling of your best furry friend and accept the assurance that a good hunch is being backed up by the animal kingdom.

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