The Cross and Triangle Tarot Card Spread: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Self

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There are many different tarot card spreads from which you can choose for any given reading, and they can be selected based on a variety of criteria: what sort of question you’re posing (Is there romance on my horizon? Will my new job work out? Will my health improve in the coming year?), the type of personality you have (Are you esoteric and open to the universe? Do you want answers quickly and concisely? Are you a mixture of pragmatic when need be, but prone to fantasy when the inspiration strikes?), or whether you’re looking for in-depth insights into complex matters or a quick overview on a particular issue.

The Cross & Triangle spread was created and widely used by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This nine-card tarot spread weaves together the occult and the arcane to produce a rich tapestry that can be interpreted on many levels, and like the Celtic Cross, is suited to gaining deeper insights into complicated situations.  

The Spread

The card at the center of the cross is the Significator. Whether you select a Significator yourself, rely on the random order of the deck, or let the person reading for you pick your Significator is up to you, but this card represents the central energy that currently encircles and influences your life.

The next four cards represent the Four Elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

The card above the Significator is symbolic of Air, and stands for the current state of your spiritual and mental processes, as well as how the introduction of reason will influence the outcome.

The card to the right of the Significator represents Fire, and stands for the driving forces that motivate you, and creative energy, both internal and external, that shape the situation.

The card beneath the Significator is Water, and stands for emotions, contemplation, and the power of love to work change.

The card to the left of the Significator represents Earth, and symbolizes your physical manifestation, your status in life, and the material forces that influence you.

This completes the cross, so let’s move on to the triangle.

The cards at the bottom left and right of the triangle stand for two opposite forces. Each of us embodies conflicting thoughts and emotions—the pros and cons of any situation—and many times, these two cards signify these internal dialogues, however, there are times when the cards may indicate external influences that are beyond our control.

“The Reconciler,” which sits at the uppermost point of the triangle, just beneath the cross, represents the action, emotion, or thought process that can resolve the conflict between the two opposing forces at the bottom of the triangle. If you focus on the Reconciler and visualize the force it represents becoming active in your life, you have the potential to invoke the changes you are seeking. 

The final card, which is placed between the two conflicting forces at the base of the triangle, represents how the situation will be resolved if you maintain your current course of action. Sometimes, this card will reinforce that you’re already on the right track, but at other times, it will suggest negative consequences with regard to the choices you’re making and the actions you’re taking.

A Creative Endeavor

I recall a reading I did for a man, Jeremy–who, at 45, had long been contemplating leaving a lucrative but emotionally unfulfilling corporate job and segueing into a new career that relied on a wholly different skill set. Jeremy had a passion for furniture building, and was a masterful artisan, although he’d never pursued this avocation professionally.

As his son and daughter grew older, they both showed increasing interest in learning the craft, and Jeremy began to ponder the idea of creating a family business that he would be able to pass on to them. After a lot of soul searching and discussion with his wife, he was warming to the idea more and more.

Of course, he still had bills to pay, and the cost of putting his children through college, as well as having sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement, was quite daunting. Still, the voice of his inner dream grew stronger with each drearily passing day and each soul-sucking meeting.

And so Jeremy came to me. For his reading, he chose the King of Wands as the Significator. Jeremy felt the creative, passionate-yet-reasoned persona suited his current state of mind. The cards that surrounded the Significator seemed fairly accurate reflections of the events in play: for Air, the Seven of Pentacles, representing arriving at crossroads or a stopping point to contemplate the deeper meaning of success; for Fire, the Two of Wands to symbolize a man who creates his own success and yearns to take on the world; for Water, the Queen of Pentacles as the influence of a loving supportive wife; and finally, the Earth Card, the Eight of Cups, which signals that although he had yet to make the change, the desire to move on was already so powerful it would be difficult to deny.

At the left corner of the triangle was the Eight of Pentacles, symbolizing uncertainty that the arduous task ahead would be worth the undertaking; in the opposing corner, The Ten of Pentacles representing the security of the lifestyle he’d already achieved and was at risk of losing. For the Reconciler, the Six of Cups represented Jeremy’s relationship with his children, his hopes for them, his dreams for their future.

The final outcome should Jeremy remain on his course? The Ace of Wands affirmed what he already knew, even if he hadn’t fully put his plans into action. Whether or not Jeremy would achieve financial success with a new venture remained to be seen, but both emotionally and intellectually, now was the time to follow his passion, forge a path that spoke to his authentic desires, and work toward building a future for his family that was based on more than material comfort alone.

If you’ve found yourself at a crossroads, whether it’s work or love related, why not consult a KEEN advisor who can connect you to your inner voice and help reveal your authentic destiny?

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