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The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card


When you have been nurtured into a place of happiness or are bettering a person, yourself or a situation, expect the Queen of Pentacles to appear in your Tarot reading. But does this card represent you, your potential, or someone who appears at some point during the magical journey known as your life.

Amidst a lush and flowery setting, under a golden sky, the Queen of Pentacles sits on her throne. The queen wears a crown, of course, but is sitting forward just a bit, holding a large gold pentacle in her hands that rest on her knee. The throne is made of stone and some Tarot decks illustrate small animals, rabbits or kittens, harmless mammals, near the throne. The queen’s face is one of utter serenity. The branches of the nearby trees form an arch above her.

For such a simple card illustrating an isolated figure, there is a lot going on. The Pentacle represents the material plane, real things, money, wealth, solid objects of value both financially and sentimentally. The Queen holds it in her hands tenderly, like a baby. This is perhaps the most nurturing card in the Tarot deck. The tree branches represent abundance and provide shade for cool, level-headed decisions. The landscape represents a lively setting from which so much good can flourish with the proper amount of care and oversight. And it helps to be rich in order to have other things taken care of so that you have the time to maximize your enjoyment of the simplest things.

The Identity of the Queen

One of the powers of the Court Cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings) is that they often represent other people. These are individuals who are embedded in your psyche from the past, are playing key roles in your present development or are destined to be intertwined with your future. A sensitive Tarot reader can distinguish, but may ask you questions to prompt a response of whether certain attributes of the card sound like you or sound like someone else. This is why being in a relaxed, open state is necessary when receiving a reading; you arrive at many of the divinations through yourself in addition to some coming from your reader. A Court Card might be you, but can be someone else. Don’t jump to conclusions as there are layers of investigation in a Tarot reading.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

Each Tarot reading is divided into three sections: Your past, your present and your future. A card landing in one part of the reading has a much different meaning then if it landed somewhere else. When the Queen of Pentacles is in the past position, the abundance of a recent relationship that is now over is made clear. This card could refer to a female family member who provided for you or a generous and patient teacher. If you learned to take care of yourself at an early age and to do more than just get by, the Queen of Pentacles in the past position represents you!

In the present position, the Queen of Pentacles signals that you are either enjoying a time now of being taken care of or are happily taking care of someone. The card’s presence again demands that you assess your situation to receive the message – is this Queen someone who is currently making your life a little easier and providing for you or are you the person making sure that someone special is being nurtured.

In the future position, the Queen of Pentacles is especially strong. This card calls to you to be confident in yourself as the future will find a way to make your current struggles translate into prosperity. This card in this position is one of the best signals of coming luck; yes fortune is smiling upon you. If you are in business for yourself, this is especially great.

Card Combinations

As cards are laid out next to each other in your Tarot reading, they inform each other and influence the reading as a sum greater than its parts. When the Queen of Pentacles interacts with other cards, her nurturing potency can increase, take specific form or be seen as more of a hindrance than a blessing.

When the Queen of Pentacles is sitting near another Court Card, it is rare that these cards would both refer to you. One of these cards is you and one is someone else with whom you interact. A Knight or Page card would indicate your interaction with a child or an immature boyfriend. Paired with a King and you may be submitting to the will of a dominant lover. Paired with The Hierophant, this card indicates that you are giving your all to a belief system with a sincere loyalty. Pray that the institution is returning this devotion with some sort of affirmative action on your behalf.

When there are other cards from the suit of Pentacles in the reading with their Queen, the focus of the reading points assuredly toward finances. When the suit of Wands is featured prominently, the nurturing of artistic talent or business ideas is at the forefront of your consciousness. Is your boyfriend working to pay the bills while you go to business school? The Queen of Pentacles mixes well with the suit of Cups as they reinforce that the nurturing that is going on is from a place of true, unconditional love. The suit of Swords represents words, philosophies and ideas. In a reading with the Queen of Pentacles and a few Sword cards, expect tender love and care simply on principle. Someone will be there for you as a matter of doing the right thing. This is one of the best examples of a “Good Samaritan” aspect in all of Tarot.

The Queen of Pentacles may represent the values that your mother taught you. A grandmother’s fortune that pays some of your bills could be represented by this card. A woman who hires you as an apprentice and teaches you a craft may show up in your reading as the Queen of Pentacles. The ultimate effect of this card is to maximize feminine energy for material success in the here and now.

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