The Lovers – Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot


Meet Romeo and Juliet, The Lovers from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, by Graham Cameron. They came into the room through separate doors, reflecting their individual lives, rolled the dice to the number six (a perfect match!), and now they’re sharing the same space in perfect, childlike trust. The Lovers can choose to exit by the doors they used to enter or go together, and either way is okay. The puzzle piece in the corner represents the mystery and spice of the unknown that keeps love fresh. The jack in the box reminds us to be open to love from unexpected sources.

Romeo and Juliet sit on a chair made for two. Their feet dangle without touching the floor. Their eyes are wide open, and they see one another clearly. There is true honesty and loving acceptance between them. The number of The Lovers is six, their element is Air, their direction is East, their sun sign is Gemini, and they are ruled by the planet Mercury. Romeo and Juliet look alike to us because we are seeing what is in their hearts, and their hearts are very much alike.

The Lovers are the next guides to meet The Fool. They are the natural progression from The Grandmaster (The Hierophant), who teaches The Fool structure and helps him learn the rules. When The Lovers appear, it is time for The Fool to start making up his/her own mind about what is important. The Fool is at a crossroads and has the tools to make the best decision regarding the correct path to take. It is time for The Fool to consider the impact this decision will have on others, as well.

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Graham Cameron says:

“Step into scene six, a dimension of love and sexuality. We all wished to be loved, but the question is, how much do we really love others? A couple share a chair locked inside each other’s space; a moment of true love is shared between them. To have achieved such a feeling of unconditional love, they have both made sacrifices. The Lovers understand the difference between love and lust. Love is an inspiration. The Lovers show us how to better our relationships and we learn from them how to be more open. The Lovers have no expectations of each other; they have not made rules. They are flexible and share each other’s visions. There is a mutual exchange. 

The Lovers represent balance between sympathy and lust, intelligence and perceptivity.

A key has been found, the box has been opened, a heart of unconditional love makes itself known. We need to think about the people we are attracted to and those who are attracted to us.”

In the upright position, The Lovers represent a new love affair, a conflict between desire and intellect, a loving trusting relationship, reliance on intuition, and making wise choices.

In the reversed position, The Lovers signify poor choices, stalemate, problems in a relationship, disharmony, and selfishness. It is time to consider which choices have led you here and to take responsibility for them, rather than blaming others.


About the Author:

Having grown up in a family that appreciated and encouraged psychic abilities, I have read the cards most of my life. My readings are non-judgemental & delivered with compassion & caring. I have 21 years experience as a professional crisis counselor & have offered readings on since early 2001.

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