6 Top Reasons Why We Read Horoscopes

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Astrology has been practiced by humans for thousands of years, so it’s interesting to think that the ritual of reading our daily horoscope carries so much weight. Sure, when it comes to the accuracy of horoscopes there are some skeptics out there, but the truth of the matter is, nobody is going to hit all of the checkmarks each read because humans are complex individuals. But if you look at astrology (to include your astrological sign) as an apparatus for self-knowledge, you could walk away learning something about yourself, including personal characteristics (negative and positive) and how the planets influence our mood.

It’s important to point out that the free horoscopes you read online or in the paper are generalized, so only your sun sign fits into the equation which means the advice is broad. If you want a more detailed outlook, opt for a personalized horoscope that incorporates your birth information or better yet, book a horoscope reading with a professional astrologer. 

While some people glance at their horoscope out of sheer curiosity, here are 6 top reasons why dedicated enthusiasts (like you perhaps?) look to the stars for advice. 

1. To see what the day/week/month/year has in store

Horoscopes are all about making predictions, so it makes sense that folks are curious about what the future holds, whether that means the next 12 hours or the next 12 months. While not all predictions are going to come true (remember, only the sun sign is in play with short-read scopes), a daily horoscope can provide comfort and inner peace because it alleviates the fear (or anticipation) of the unknown. Again, these predictions are obviously not set in stone and remember this: only you can create your own destiny. 

2. Insight into career-related issues

Working is a big part of our daily lives and while some folks are fine with staying idle in their role, others want to know if they’re on the right path, how to climb the corporate ladder or the best time to look for a new job and schedule that next interview. A free daily horoscope pertaining to career-related issues is only going to provide you with so much information, which is why it’s best to speak to a psychic if you want personalized insight into these matters. 

3. To get lucky 

Whether it’s about finding out the lucky days of the week or those lucky numbers to play the lottery, horoscopes often include these golden nuggets and yes, many people actually use them! Lucky numbers are determined by your astrological sign, to include what the planets are up to that day. Some numbers are permanently assigned (four is lucky for Capricorns, for example) while others change on the daily. 

4. To find meaning during a bad time

People often turn to horoscopes during times of agony, personal trauma, depression, and heartbreak because they want to feel that the issue they are going through has some semblance of normalcy. Obviously, if the problem is super personal and specific, the best way to receive guidance and reassurance is by speaking to a psychic. However, if you’re feeling as though you’re going off the deep end (like after the loss of a loved one, for example), it may be better to speak to a certified therapist instead. 

5. Matters of the heart

Be it a potential new love interest or steady partner, we want to know if that certain someone is thinking about us, whether or not a spicy weekend is in store, or why we’re getting the cold shoulder, all by reading our horoscope. While you may gain some general insight, you won’t get answers to specific details such as how to attract love, the roadblocks that are destroying your partnership, compatibility, etc., so it’s best to have a more detailed reading with a love and relationship expert.

6. Because it’s your birthday

A birthday horoscope is typically upbeat (for obvious reasons) and sets a general tone for your day, as well as the year ahead. It’s a good horoscope for reflecting on the past year while setting up goals for your next trip around the moon.

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