How to Know if a Tarot Reading is Right For You

assorted tarot cards on table

Psychic advice is always a good idea, but did you ever stop and ask yourself whether or not a tarot card reading is right for you? It may seem like a silly question, but adding a divination tool into the mix can shake things up a bit. First of all, what exactly is involved in a tarot reading? To be clear, tarot is a practice that’s conducted with the intent of predicting potential outcomes while assessing miscellaneous influences connected to a person, circumstance, or both. A reading can help with every aspect of one’s life, to include personal growth, relationships, self-care, healing, major changes, goal-setting, and more. 

There are 78 colorful cards in the tarot deck. During a session, a psychic advisor will draw anywhere between three and twelve cards at a time; the more skilled the reader, the more cards in the hand. Using intuition and prowess, the advisor will give you feedback on what the spread means for you specifically based on your tarot questions. Whether or not a psychic chooses to use tarot cards is a matter of preference and talent — natural or learned. 

The bottom line is that anyone can get a tarot reading but here are a few ways to know if it’s the right method of psychic advice for you.

You have a set intention

In other words, what’s your goal? A reading can provide insight into every aspect of your life, so with that in mind, it’s crucial that you set an intention before booking a session with a tarot reader. If your intention is obvious to you (e.gyou’re having problems getting over your divorce), great. But if your mind is a jumbled mess of emotions and thoughts, take some time to figure out where you are. Consider journaling or at the very least, making a list of all of the things that are on your mind. From here, prioritize which key items are most important to you so you can formulate your intention. 

You’re prepared to see what the cards have to say

Here’s the thing with tarot. You may see ominous cards in your spread such as the Devil or Death. Don’t freak out; it doesn’t mean you’re going to die or go to Hell. They are merely symbols for conquering roadblocks and making changes so that you can prepare for the future. In fact, there are truly no “bad” cards in the tarot deck, though some are definitely better than others. Learn how to read the cards in a positive manner and make the meaning work to your advantage. For example, when the Devil appears, it’s a sign that you’re not living as your truest and most pure self. Perhaps you’ve become a slave to something (substance abuse, bad habit) or someone toxic. Look at this card as a sign to make some changes before things go too far.

You have the ability to center yourself

In order to get the most out of your tarot reading, you have to be able to center yourself before the session. Truthfully, this could be said about any type of psychic reading. Not only do you need to be on top of your game to make your intention clear, but you also need to be prepared to take in all the information given to you by your psychic. If your head is not in the game, then the session is just a waste of time for both of you. Get a good night’s sleep and take time to do something relaxing and centering such as meditation, light exercise, or a warm bath before your reading. 

You’re ready to embrace the unknown 

If you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be going to a tarot reader, right? In fact, the situation is quite the opposite. Be prepared to be open-minded and embrace the unknown. You may receive information that comes out of the left field. Embrace it and use it as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. 

You’re prepared to put in the effort

It’s important to note that tarot card future predictions are not set in stone — this concept is what scares people as they may not want to know what the future holds. Readings are meant to be taken in a positive manner so that your spread can be used as a guide to help you improve certain aspects of your life. So, even if you hear something that’s a bit unsettling, take the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat. Only you can create your own destiny! 

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