What’s the Meaning Behind the Rose Quartz Crystal?

If you’re not already incorporating healing crystals into your personal spiritual practice, allow us to provide you with a few reasons why you should be. Crystal healing is touted as an alternative medical technique as it’s believed that these special sparklers have the ability to interact with your body’s energy field — aka chakra —  to cure ailments and protect against disease. It’s important to note that there is no scientific evidence to back up this theory, however, it still remains a popular method of healing at alternative medicine health clinics and spas. 

But you need not have a medical condition to incorporate healing crystals into your lifestyle. Aside from allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while pushing negative disease-generating energy out into the universe, specific crystals carry specific powers. Let’s start you off by talking about one of the most popular (and important) crystals out there: the rose quartz. Trust, once you’re done reading through this article, you’re going to want to run out and get one. 

The Rose Quartz: What’s It All About? 

The rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It cleanses and expands the heart at all levels in an effort to promote love of all kinds — how great is that? This encompasses unconditional love, motherly love, self-love, platonic love, kindness, romantic love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. But that’s not all; other key attributes to take note of include: 

  • Love (including self-love)
  • Friendship
  • Relationships of all kinds
  • Calming and reassuring
  • Dispels negativity
  • Comforts in times of grief and sorrow
  • Protects against environmental stressors
  • Encourages self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-worth equating to a feeling of acceptance 

Rose Quartz Crystal Properties

Each crystal has associations in relation to the components that are affiliated with the astrological world. Here’s what the rose quartz represents. 

  • Chakra: Heart 
  • Zodiac signs: Taurus, Libra
  • Planet: Venus
  • Elements: Earth, Water
  • Color: Typically rose pink

How to Use the Rose Quartz Crystal

The rose quartz crystal has been long associated with attracting love but as aforementioned, it has several other advantages. To reap these benefits, here are a few ways to use and take care of this luminous object. 

  • Wear your rose quartz crystal: What better way to keep your rose quartz crystal close to your heart than by turning it into a necklace? Keeping it close to your body ensures that its energy will be working at all times. 
  • Keep crystals within an arm’s reach: No matter where you are, there should be a rose quartz crystal (and other crystals, of course.) Keep them in your working space, the pocket of your coat or shirt, throughout your home, your car — basically anywhere you touch on a daily basis. 
  • Speak to a psychic: A spiritual reading with a psychic can help you identify ways to use your crystal to the best of your advantage depending on what’s currently going on in your life. This could be anything from attracting love to healing from a breakup or divorce. Or perhaps you just need to dispel some negative energy that’s swirling around you for the moment. 

Keep your rose quartz crystal clean: As with all crystals, you’ve got to keep your rose quartz clean if you want it to be working at its full capacity. 

  • Purify: New crystals need to be cleaned before use to eliminate any negative energy that could disrupt your practice. While it’s an old practice, the smoke from burning sage has been used as a purifier in cultures worldwide. 
  • Clean: One of the easiest ways to keep your crystals clean and purified is by soaking them in sea salt. 
  • Charge: Just like your smartphone, crystals need to be recharged. Set a reminder to put your crystals out on the windowsill any time there’s a full moon as they charge up in the moonlight
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